Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Training Game 16: Hits, Misses & Foul Tips

Rockies 5, Diamondbacks 3 (boxscore)


Ben Paulsen

Another nice game for the impressive 23-year-old. His 6th inning two-run triple (4th this spring) was the difference in tonight's game. His spring average now sits at .474. He's driven in nine. He's playing acceptable defense at first. Just a solid ballplayer that continues to take advantage of his chances to impress.

Dexter Fowler

This will be the last time I list Fowler among the hits. He's having a terrific spring. That's all that needs to be said anymore.


The FSN Scroll

Seriously? It's annoying, distracting, pointless and useless. Make it go away.

Foul Tips

Greg Reynolds

We saw the good in Greg Reynolds tonight: Five mostly solid innings of two hit, two run ball.

We also saw the bad: Falling behind in counts and an inability to finish out at-bats and innings.

And then the ugly: The complete lapse in concentration that allows Henry Blanco to go deep on you.

While I've been mostly encouraged by what I've seen from Reynolds this spring, it really is troubling that he can't get over some of these hurdles that are holding him back. It makes you wonder if it will ever happen, and that's not a feeling you never want to have (or should have) about a #2 pick.

Spring Training Game 15: Hits, Misses & Foul Tips

Rockies 4, Padres 3 (boxscore)


Ubaldo Jimenez

Four absolutely perfect innings with four strikeouts. He's pretty good.

Jason Giambi

Today was Giambi's day to shine. His laser two-run homer to the lawn in right field proved to be the difference on the scoreboard, but more importantly showed us that Giambi has his feet under him early. As the guys on KOA noted, both Giambi and Todd Helton are further along in their preparation thanks to the shorter bus rides. That will most definitely be helpful come April 1st.


The Rockies bullpen pretty much picked up right where Ubaldo left off. Felipe Paulino (1 IP), Clayton Mortensen (2 IP) and Eric Stults (1 IP) were unscored upon in their innings, allowing only two combined hits. Matt Daley was on his way to a scoreless inning until right fielder Brian Rike dropped what would have been the final out of the game. San Diego went on to score three unearned runs.


Aggressive Baserunning

I don't mind the idea of taking an aggressive approach to baserunning. However, after a 2010 season which seemingly saw at least one stupid baserunning mistake a game, I'm worried more harm than good will come of this strategy. We saw a good example of why today.

Was that Rich Dauer coaching third as he usually does? What the hell is this guy thinking? Sending Ubaldo into a play at the plate... in spring training... with Carlos Gonzalez coming up. That's committing three baseball sins with one overzealous wave of the arm. It's also idiotic and inexcusable. Nothing to gain from that. Everything to lose. Just a stupid, stupid baseball decision.

And knowing the cramping issues Ubaldo has had in the past. Knowing you've lost Aaron Cook indefinitely. Knowing Jorge De La Rosa isn't feeling right. Knowing you're struggling to find a 5th starter. Stupid times ten.

You want to be aggressive on the bases? Fine. But first learn how to run the bases, and also learn situations so you know when to take your chances.

Foul Tips

More Baseball

The Rockies aren't done playing baseball today. The night game with the Arizona Diamondbacks starts at 6:40 Mountain time.

Eric Young and Wilin Rosario

It was good to have these two guys back on the field as they work their way back from injuries. Still a long way to go for both to get on track, but just nice to finally have them out there.