Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Training Game 24: Hits, Misses & Foul Tips

Rockies 6, Angels 6 (boxscore)


Troy Tulowitzki

These next days 11 days are going to be awfully boring for Tulowitzki. He's ready to go.

Chris Iannetta

I'm beginning to feel really good about Chris. That line drive RBI single in the first inning added to the momentum he's been building over the last week. It started with good plate appearances. Now it's becoming good swings and good contact. The extra base hits shouldn't be too far behind.

Felipe Paulino/Rex Brothers

If these guys continue pitching as they have, along with Street, Lindstrom, Belisle and Betancourt... Damn. The Rockies would be doing themselves a major disservice if they don't seriously consider Brothers for the opening day roster. He may not be experienced, but he's proving himself to be the best lefty arm available in their bullpen. You have to roll with your best.


Esmil Rogers

Esmil started excellent and then morphed back into that five inning pitcher that struggles to put hitters and innings away. That's a little discouraging in itself, and even more so when you're staked to an 6-0 lead and can't make it stand. Hopefully a trip back to the drawing board can get Esmil focused on what made him so dominant against the Cubs earlier in the week, which simply means pitching with confidence and believing in his abilities.

Foul Tips

Franklin Morales

Morales relieved Rogers in the 6th, allowing two inherited runners to score. One of those coming on one of his two wild pitches. Yikes.

I would say the last two outings have been distinct steps backwards for Morales after a very positive beginning to his spring. Hopefully it's just the natural ebs and flows of a reliever and not a sign his confidence/focus is getting shaky as the season nears. Time will tell.