Thursday, June 2, 2011

Player Rankings: 6-2-11

Just a reminder of the guidelines...

Everything is taken into consideration -- offense, defense, pitching, clutchness, baserunning, consistency, awareness, intelligence. My personal evaluation and opinions. Stats used only when I need to break a tie in my mind. No BABIP analysis, focus on Ultimate Zone Ratings, or anything like that.

I'm looking back pretty much at the month of May. Any player that stepped on the field in a Rockies uniform in that dreadful month will be ranked somewhere... even the players who are no longer in the Rockies organization or currently injured.

Away we go...
  1. Matt Lindstrom
  2. Todd Helton
  3. Matt Belisle
  4. Carlos Gonzalez
  5. Matt Reynolds
  6. Troy Tulowitzki
  7. Jhoulys Chacin
  8. Seth Smith
  9. Chris Iannetta
  10. Jason Hammel
  11. Ryan Spilborghs
  12. Jason Giambi
  13. Jorge De La Rosa
  14. Ty Wigginton
  15. Juan Nicasio (1 start gets him this high...)
  16. Jonathan Herrera
  17. Ubaldo Jimenez
  18. Eric Young
  19. Clayton Mortensen
  20. Dexter Fowler
  21. Rafael Betancourt
  22. Chris Nelson
  23. Greg Reynolds
  24. Huston Street
  25. Jose Morales
  26. Jose Lopez
  27. Alfredo Amezaga
  28. Bruce Billings
  29. Franklin Morales
  30. Matt Daley
  31. Felipe Paulino
  32. Ian Stewart
Player Rankings: 4-21-11

Rock Solid Recap: A breath of fresh air

The Colorado Rockies are 1-0 in June.

So is Ubaldo Jimenez.

Of course I don't really believe a simple change on the calendar makes a baseball team better. And it's only one little game out of 162, but damn does this feel good for those 25 players in uniform, the coaches, and the fans. It really was a breath of fresh air after five weeks of inhaling polluted air and horse****.

Rockies 3, Dodgers 0 (boxscore)

What can you say about Ubaldo Jimenez? He had everything working from pitch 1 to pitch 106. Which by the way is a really, really efficient number for a complete game shutout. That's what happens for you when you walk ZERO.

No walks!

If I had to make a report card.

Velocity: 93-96ish. B+. (Grading on an Ubaldo curve)

Command: A+

Mechanics: A

Movement: A

Efficiency: A+

Results: A+++

As I tweeted afterwards, I was more nervous in this 9th inning than I was in his no-hitter. Seriously. That performance last season was special. Maybe once in a career for him. Maybe once in a lifetime for Rockies fans. Trust me, I was nervous then. But for all the problems Ubaldo has gone through this season, I wanted this one for him even more.

He needed this badly. I wanted this for him, because I know he needed it that bad and I know his teammates and other fans wanted it that bad for him. Several fist pumps in the air when he set Matt Kemp down with this 7th and final strikeout.

But like I said at the top, it's one game. Where he goes from here who knows, but it's nice to finally have some genuine optimism and positive energy heading to his next start in San Diego.

Tip your cap to Bob Apodaca as well. He's stuck by Ubaldo the whole way through and very likely played a role in tonight's performance.

-- Baby steps forward for the offense in the early going. More of the same later. But overall if was nice to see them move runners 90 feet, and especially nice to see them cash in two runners from third with sacrifice flies. The offense may not be the juggernaut we figured it could be, but they can still be effective if they produce (hits or productive outs) in those situations.

-- Todd Helton: Still the man. (Watch his home run)

-- I think Ty Wigginton is still catching his breath after that triple. But hey, impressive gear change heading from second to third. That hit and hustle set a nice tone for the evening.

-- Jose Morales: Solid all around game. Sac fly, basehit, called a great game. Who knows, he might find himself catching more Ubaldo starts going forward. They had a nice chemistry working.

-- Bullpen: Enjoy your two days off. See you again on Friday.

-- Be looking for my second player rankings of the season sometime Thursday afternoon. It will cover May, but I might have to bump Ubaldo up a spot or two.

-- Rockies needed a win Wednesday and got it. Now they need a series win just as badly. No better place to find it and take it than San Francisco! Let's see what we have on Friday night.