Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Game. What Game?

The Rockies played this afternoon?

Giants 6, Rockies 1

Well damn.

All sarcasm and frustration aside, this one went about as bad as you'd expect it to go with the pitching matchup.

It wasn't favorable.

The Rockies just couldn't get a thing going against Matt Cain, which has happened a few times before. The one chance they did have in the second was quickly washed away by lack of contact.

Cain then finished his day by retiring 15 in a row.

It wasn't pretty (not that I could see it)... but at least it was over quickly.

Running Thoughts: Rogers vs. Cain

Lineup News

Young moves back to second base and leads off.  Barmes back to the bench.

2-5: Fowler, Gonzalez, Tulowitzki and Helton.  Tracy sticks with that arrangement.

Ian Stewart back in the 6 hole.  Olivo falls to 7th.  Ryan Spilborghs -- sits last night against the lefty but starts against the righty today -- bats 8th.

Pat on the back for Esmil Rogers.  Go get'em, kid.

Looking Ahead: TV Fail?

Sounds like the TV situation will be a friggin mess again today.

Major League Baseball should be ashamed any time fans are robbed from watching their favorite teams play. That makes no one happy. It doesn't mean people are going to watch the stupid Fox games you're shoving down our throats every week with the same teams, it just means they're going to be annoyed and find something better to do.

This is just one reason MLB is the worst at doing the right thing to make their fans happy. It's pathetic.

Blackouts suck!

Rock Solid Recrap: The Wandering Strike Zone

Giants 5, Rockies 2

Losing Player: Aaron Cook

I really wish the simulation hadn't been this spot on with Aaron Cook. It predicted five walks, and I'll be damned if Aaron Cook didn't walk five San Francisco Giants.

I commented and tweeted throughout the game that the pitiful strikezone didn't help -- it didn't.  However, as you all know, Cook has been pretty wild this year, regardless of umpiring, and he was elevating some pitches again tonight. He has to look himself in the mirror as much as anything.

It's not just Aaron Cook either. All the Rockies starters (even Ubaldo at time) are walking guys, and walks are why Rockies relievers are picking up 3-4 innings a night. It's murder on the pitch count, it keeps the defense on the field way too long, and, most importantly to me, it's painful to watch!

It reminds me a little too much of 2008 to be honest with you.