Monday, March 8, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 7

Rockies 5, Padres 4 (Boxscore)


Jorge De La Rosa & Jason Hammel

Six combined innings of one-run ball for two-fifthes of the Rockies rotation. Each struck out two. The only blemish was a home run allowd by Hammel to San Diego's Chase Headley. Hammel made up for that at the plate by delivering two perfect sacrifice bunts in two ABs. That gets bonus points from me. He also picked off Tony Gwynn Jr.

Miguel Olivo

I think we're going to like this guy. The average probably won't top .250, but the power is no joke at all. Kevin Correia can attest to that. Olivo took him 400+ feet out to left, and then followed up with an RBI double and a single. A perfect day at the plate and he should get a little credit as well for handling the pitchers. Not bad for the backup.

Troy Tulowitzki



Eric Young Jr.

An 0-for-4 with two strikeouts dropped EY Jr's average to .125. He's likely pressing at the plate in hopes of making the team, but he's also had struggles when attempting to play the outfield. Young will continue getting playing time in the spring, but his chances of making the opening day roster are disappearing quickly. Even if he rebounds these last three weeks I think the Rockies will error on the side of more seasoning in AAA.

Matt Daley

Rough outing. Not too concerned about Daley as long as his mechanics are good... which they or may not have been today. He may not be a lock to make the team though if a couple other guys impress more than he does, so his next outing is important.