Sunday, April 18, 2010

Running Thoughts: Smith vs. Jurrjens

No clue how players handle these quick turnarounds.  Pretty sure I'll be ready for a nap by the 4th inning.

Seth Smith starts in place of Brad Hawpe, who's being held out as a precaution after some ginger baserunning last night.  Smith hits 5th and plays left, Gonzalez shifts over to right.  Chris Iannetta also back in the lineup tonight hitting 6th.  Otherwise it's all the regulars we've come to know and love.  Probably doesn't hurt that last night's game was played so quickly and without a whole lot of stress.

Atlanta has Matt Diaz leading off today.  Not sure how that'll work.

How about a series victory in Atlanta and a jovial flight to Washington to play a better expected Nationals club.

1st Inning

  • The things I'll do to help the team.  Listening to Chip Caray again today.  He still thinks the Rockies have a leadoff problem.  
  • Jair Jurrjens on track in the first.  That can't be a good sign.  
  • The no-hitter is over for Greg Smith (har, har, har).  Matt Diaz leadoff triple (maybe the Rockies should trade for him and bat him leadoff) and then scores on a Martin Prado sac fly.  
  • Braves 1, Rockies 0
2nd Inning
  • Rockies get a leadoff double from Tulo, Iannetta walks a couple batters later, and the Ian Stewart delivers their first run.  
  • Now batting: Clint Barmes (one syllable according to Tom Glavine).  After that AB, I might consider mispronouncing his name a few times as well.  Down on three pitches.   
  • Smith retires the first two and then walks 8 and 9 on eight pitches.  Seriously?  Back to Diaz.  
  • FISTED Count: 1 -- Fisted by Diaz to right; Carlos Gonzalez throws out Melky Cabrera at the plate.  
  • Rockies 1, Braves 1
3rd Inning
  • Jurrjens back on track with a 1-2-3 inning.  A little nervous he's going to settle in and be damn good for a few innings.  
  • You know how we feel about Helton... that's how Braves feel about Chipper Jones.  He just ripped a double to left.  Such a joy to watch professional hitters hit.  
  • Smith up to 4 walks now.  Eh.  Did the Diaz leadoff triple rattle his confidence that much?  
  • Been almost two full games since an opponent had the bases loaded.  I didn't miss the feeling.  
  • Smith walks in a run with his 5th walk.  So much for the aggressiveness we saw last start.  Painful to watch.  
  • Nice strikeout of Cabrera with the bases loaded.  I think the offense needs a crooked number to help matters.
  • Braves 2, Rockies 1
4th Inning
  • Jurrjens has retired 8 in a row.  His pitch count is way down right now after being elevated in the 2nd.  He's going to be around awhile.  
  • It also sends Smith right back to the mound after a long inning.  Big edge for Atlanta's offense.  
  • Matt Diaz 3-for-3 today.  I think we're kinda lucky he didn't play the first two games. 
  • Ball 24: Chipper walks.  Here's McCann.  
  • I think we're dealing with a young pitcher with a focus problem.  He was dialed into McCann and struck him out almost effortlessly.  Need more of dialed in Smith.  
5th Inning
  • Barmes must have gotten the "swing at every pitch" sign.  Two strikeouts on six pitches.  No patience at all.  
  • Swtiched to the Rockies feed... Smith 1-2-3 inning.  Think I'll stick here the rest of the afternoon.  
6th Inning
  • Fowler walks, steals second, takes third on the error.  Helton, Tulowitzki and Smith strand him at third with three garbage ABs.  What a waste.  
  • Ball 28: Walks Jurrjens for the second times.  Smith gets the hook there.  Time for the Daley Show.  
  • Daley finally subdues Matt Diaz.  3-2 fastball on the paint for a backwards K.  Offense... please?  
7th Inning
  • Ian Stewart just tied the game on a rare mistake by Jurrjens.  Long gone down the right field line.  
  • Aside from that blast, three pretty weak popups.  Need some solid bullpen work today. 
  • Chipper leads off with a single.  Tracy makes the move to Beimel.  Here's Brian McCaan.  
  • Beimel picks off Chipper Jones.  He was safe but we'll take the call.
  • Ball 32: Beimel walks Troy Glaus, but there's no damage.  
  • Rockies 2, Braves 2
8th Inning
  • Carlos Gonzalez hangs a clothesline to the front row. That means a home run just in case you're not watching.  Rockies grab their first lead of the afternoon.  
  • Rafael Betancourt will take on his 8th inning role.  
  • Ball 36: Betancourt walks Heyward.  Kinda ridiculous at this point.  
  • Raffy works around the walk, as usual.  This means Morales gets the meat of the Atlanta order in the 9th.  Couple runs wouldn't hurt here. 
9th Inning
  • Buckle your safety belts: Prado, Chipper, McCann.  One run lead.  
  • Bad 1-2 pitch.  Prado singles to leadoff.  
  • After an odd balk call, Morales issues Ball 40 to McCann.  I don't feel well.  
  • Glaus hit into a 3-6-1 game ending double play.  Unfortunately first base umpire Jeff Nelson sucks at his job and called Glaus safe even though the throw beat him by a step.  
  • Jason Heyward wins it for the Braves with a 2-run single.  This one ain't gonna digest quite as well as last night. 
  • Final: Braves 4, Rockies 3
  • More Jeff Nelson bashing to follow.