Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Running Thoughts: Smith vs Maine

Carlos Gonzalez is out of the lineup but may be alright to pinch-hit.  Seth Smith starts and hits lead-off.  Miguel Olivo is back behind the plate, which means Chris Iannetta has played one time in the last 7 days.  Not going to lie, that's starting to piss me off.

Can't decide if I want to watch the Rockies feed or the Mets.  Probably end up going back and forth.

1st Pitch on its way.

1st Inning

  • Jim Tracy grades his team at a C+ through the first week.  That's a + too generous in my opinion.  
  • 22 pitch inning for Smith results in two strikeouts, a walk, but no damage.  Mets batters works some deep counts on him though, so that could factor in next time through the lineup.  
  • Two out action for the Rockies: Helton singles on an 0-2 pitch, Tulo walks on four pitches, and Hawpe pulls his first pitch down the line for a 2-run double.  
  • Rockies all now scored first in all seven games. Rockies 2, Mets 0
2nd Inning
  • Brad Hawpe leaves the game with an undisclosed something or other.  Lovely.  
  • Smith with a low pitch 1-2-3 second.  Nice shutdown inning.  
  • It wasn't pretty but Greg Smith gets a bunt down.  Rockies 2nd and 3rd, 1 out here.  Top of the order.  
  • Horrendous AB by Seth Smith.  Pops to short.  Fowler flies out weakly to center.
3rd Inning
  • Another solid inning for Smith.  Keeping the pitch count on track
  • Brad Hawpe left the game with a tight quadriceps muscle.  Hmm.  
  • Ian Stewart with a big 2-out RBI single.  Much needed clutchness there!  
  • Barmes dribbles one back to the mound.  Maine bounces the throw down the right field line and two more come across.  
  • The Smith-and-Smith connection deliver an RBI double (Greg) and two-run homer (Seth).  All 8 Rockies runs have come with two outs.  
  • Oh... and TACOS
  • Rockies 8, Mets 0
4th Inning
  • First two Mets reach.  Smith induces a Francoeur 6-4-3 DP and strikes out Tatis.  His aggressiveness has gone up at least three notches in this game which is leading to terrific results.  
5th Inning
  • Greg Smith gets the bottom of the Mets order 1-2-3.  Settling into a groove tonight.  
  • Rockies offense hits its mid-game funk.  Not as big a deal tonight.  
6th Inning
  • Seth Smith with a cannon to cut down Luis Castillo. Probably a bad call there.  
  • And a big break for the Rockies as David Wright followed with a homer.
  • Rockies 8, Mets 1
7th Inning
  • I am standing in my office right now and applauding Greg Smith.  That was a sensational outing.  Congratulations to him.  
  • Rockies have loaded the bases here with nobody out.  Of all the games to get insurance runs this season, this isn't one where it's necessary.  
  • Barmes draws the walk for one run.  Greg Smith adds a second RBI to his total on a FC.  Seth Smith with his 3rd RBI of the night.  Yet we're still well short of San Diego's outburst yesterday.  
  • Rockies 11, Mets 2
8th Inning
  • Esmil Rogers gets another mop-up appearance tonight.  His 8th has a little bit of everything: couple hits, a walk, couple strikeouts.  Mets do get one on a Bay single.  May have thrown too many pitches to get another inning out of him.  
  • Rockies 11, Mets 3
9th Inning
  • Matt Belisle on to wrap this one up.  His inning is a clean one and the Rox have their most comfortable victory of the early season.  I'll have a lot more to say about it in the Rock Solid Recap a little later. 
  • Final: Rockies 11, Mets 3