Friday, May 21, 2010

Roster Questions

How many more days can Jim Tracy justify sitting Dexter Fowler?

Just play him. With an offense that has no life or means of bunching hits together, you need his presence. You need his speed. And honestly, you need his plate discipline. That's not to say his is great, but it's a lot better than CarGo's or Ian Stewart's or Clint Barmes' or Miguel Olivo's or you get the point.

How many more days can Matt Daley waste away in AAA?

Esmil Rogers isn't really cut out for this reliever thing. He's great if he retires everybody, but any kind of error or basehit sends him into disaster inning mode. Those don't just kill games, those damage team confidence/morale/bullpen flexibility.

Chris Iannetta?

Just wondering it he's still in baseball. Miguel Olivo has 8 home runs, which is nice, but he's still hitting $1.30 on the road. He does a lot of things well, but you can't ride that wave very long without drowning. Olivo is only useful in short spurts (aka homestands).

Sign Kaz Matusi?

Why? To do what? The Houston Astros need offense and defense more than ANYONE in baseball. And they released Matsui. He's done.

Don Baylor?

Does what exactly? He surely doesn't get the most of his pupils.

If anything, he gets the least.

There has to be someone in the organization who could get these bats going. Perhaps someone that's worked with them on their path to the big leagues.

Is there hope?

There's still plenty of hope for this team in 2010. It's just going to be another long road. And it's going to have to involve them beating teams (really good pitchers) within the division. 

Their chances to beat up on non-division weaklings are being wasted away. That's definitely frustrating, but it doesn't mean they can't or won't rebound.