Thursday, May 13, 2010

Running Thoughts: Chacin vs. Lannan

Colorado Rockies (16-17) vs Washington Nationals (19-15)
Coors Field
First Pitch: 7:18 (38 minute rain delay)
Lineup Card (Tonight's lineups)
Couch Time

Tarp is off the field.  Baseball in mere moments.

Top 1st

Just as George Frazier mentions you can't give Zimmerman anything on the inner half (his power zone), Chacin gives him something RIGHT in the power zone.  Zimmerman turns on it and pulls it out of the park right down the LF line.  Bad pitch selection, horrible result.

Bottom 1st

We're seen several examples in just one inning of how improved the Nationals are.  Young SS Ian Desmond robbing Brad Hawpe of a single with a beautiful diving stop and throw being the most recent.

  • Nationals 2, Rockies 0
Top 2nd

Tulowitzki returns to the favor, robbing Ivan Rodriguez.  Chacin settles in after that and gets his 16th scoreless inning out of 17.

Bottom 2nd

Couple two out baserunners lead to nothing.  Olivo extended his reaching base streak to six straight appearances (walk).
  • Nationals 2, Rockies 0
Top 3rd

Chacin has bounced back from the HR allowed.  He strikeouts Kennedy and then puts Zimmerman away with a much better curveball.  A little run support for the kid starting now would be super.

Bottom 3rd

Rockies offense continues to stagnate against Lannan.  He did walk Fowler, but the Rockies have only well struck ball (Stewart's 2nd inning single).  That's a far cry from the clotheslines they were hanging on Halladay yesterday.
  • Nationals 2, Rockies 0
Top 4th

Rain is coming down pretty good right now, but it's not slowing down Chacin.  He's retired 8 in a row and 11 out of 12 since the HR.

Bottom 4th 

Tulo doubles, Helton walks.  Red hot Olivo coming to the plate... and he strikes out.  Stewart flies out,  Barmes strikes out.  Rain coming down.  Who knows how long this guy will go.  That was a costly failure of a half inning.
  • Nationals 2, Rockies 0
Top 5th

Nats don't waste a one out double.  Morgan calmly dumps an RBi single into RF.  Ryan Zimmerman followed that up with his second HR.  This time it was a 3-run blast. It's not hard to figure out why Washington is having success and the Rockies aren't.  They are simply maximizing every chance they get.

Bottom 5th

Rockies begin their slow climb back into the game.  They're actually hitting Lannan hard now.  RBI triple for CarGo with no outs starting their scoring.  Fowler and Hawpe hit rockets right at infielders for loud outs.  Tulo ripped an RBI single.  Helton dumped one into right.  Olivo pulls an RBI single into left to make it 6-3.

Lannan gets the hook.  Ian Stewart greeted Miguel Batista with another rocket RBI single.  Great inning for the offense.  Now let's hope these umpires let guys keep playing.  
  • Nationals 6, Rockies 4
Top 6th

Esmil Rogers takes over in the 6th.  

Washington once again capitalizes on their opportunity.   Rookie Ian Desmond delivers the sac fly to extend the lead again.

Bottom 6th

Rogers collects his first ML hit.  And that is all the Rockies can muster.  
  • Nationals 7, Rockies 4
Top 7th

Lots of good Rockies defense in this inning.  Olivo throws out Morgan stealing.  Barmes made a great heads up play on a ball that deflected off first base and then off Helton to shovel it to the covering Rogers.  You'll see that one again on the highlights.

Bottom 7th

Miguel Olivo just unloaded again.  2-run bomb to left.  Rockies be chipping away, but I'm very nervous about these field conditions.
  • Nationals 7, Rockies 6
Top 8th 

Nationals just getting doing their work.  They to Matt Daley for three hits and a walk.  All four of his runners end up scoring as Randy Flores allows a bases clearing triple.  The field is a total cesspool right now and the umpires don't seem to care.  Rafael Betancourt took over and the hits just keep coming.

In total, the Nationals bat for 40 minutes, score 7 runs.  All the while the field has turned into a complete disaster area.  And we're continuing into the bottom of the inning.  Insane.

Bottom 8th

Rockies go 1-2-3 in the slop.  They didn't look enthused about their ABs.  Guess I can't blame them for that. 

Tarp is now on the field.  I'm going to work under the assumption this game is over.  I'll go to work on my recap and then update back here once that becomes official.  

  • Nationals 14, Rockies 6