Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Running Thoughts: Cook vs. Halladay

Lineup Card

It's what?  39 degrees?  As if Roy Halladay didn't have enough going for him.  

I don't know what approach the Rockies should take in this one.  Maybe they should hand out binoculars to everyone in the first five rows of the stands.  Even that probably wouldn't help.  

Top 1st

Aaron Cook gets through the first unscathed.  It was difficult though, as Melvin Mora failed to turn yet another routine double play ball.  I mean this was tailor made for 4-6-3, he bobbled it, fell on his ass, and recovered to throw out Howard at first.  Cook struck out Werth to end it.

With Cook starting, I really think I would have put Young at second.  You really need your best possible infield defense when he's out there.  Hopefully the Mora factor doesn't come up again at a really bad time.

Bottom 1st

Rockies get on the board first.  Back-to-back singles by CarGo and Smith got it started.  Mora moved the runners over with a bunt.  I'm always a little iffy about giving away outs, but you have to try to scratch a run across on Halladay anytime you can.  Hawpe delivered the sac fly out of the cleanup spot.

  • Rockies 1, Phillies 0
Top 2nd 

Aaron Cook breezes through the second with three groundouts.  Nice to see the sinker doing its thing.

Bottom 2nd

Rockies try a hit-and-slug bunt with Cook and Olivo.  Cook swings over the top and Olivo gets gunned down at second.  I admire the creativity of the play.  Execution left a lot to be desired.
  • Rockies 1, Phillies 0
Top 3rd

Two more groundouts and strikeout for Cook.  He did walk Polanco on four pitches, but that was just a small hiccup.

Bottom 3rd

CarGo and Smith start the inning with back-to-back singles again.  This time the Rockies can't push a run across.  Mora did he job moving a man to third, but Hawpe struckout looking at a fastball on the outside corner.

Rockies are making Halladay work fairly hard, but he's a workhorse that kind of defies the logic of a pitch count.  He could pitch all day.
  • Rockies 1, Phillies 0
Top 4th

Phillies draw even on a Werth RBI double.  Really could have been a lot worse.  Ian Stewart started a terrific 5-4 double play as he got the force at third and threw on to Mora at second.  That would prove to be huge as Wilson Valdez followed with a double.   

Melvin Mora twisted an ankle on that play at second.  He left the game and was replaced by Eric Young.  Carlos Ruiz also left the game when he tweaked something running the bases.  He was replaced by Paul Hoover.

Bottom 4th

Well, there's just a bunch going on here.  Rockies catch a bad break as Miguel Olivo's double bounces over the wall.  Stewart would have scored easily.  Next batter, Stewart gambles on a wild pitch and is out easily at the plate.  If he had made an attempt to sidestep the catcher or leap over him, he may have avoided the tag.  Instead it was an awkward tumble directly into the tag.

Rockies end up with nothing.  Definitely getting good swings and good ABs against Halladay.  Just not converting enough at this point.
  • Rockies 1, Phillies 1
Top 5th

It doesn't take much to spark the Phillies offense.  You can think you're holding them in check... next thing you know they're stringing three or four well placed hits together and you're looking up a deficit.

That's pretty much what happened here.  Polanco doubles, Utley singles him home, Howard singles, Werth gets hit, Ibanez gets a sac fly.  It happens quickly, and makes all your wasted opportunities feel even worse.

Bottom 5th

More excellent swings.  Young had a single.  Helton absolutely torched a ball to RF that hung up too long.  The Rockies might be hitting the ball two hard at times, and Halladay does supply a lot of power on his pitches which gives it the extra carry.
  • Phillies 3, Rockies 1
Top 6th

Cook settles back in for a 1-2-3 inning.

Bottom 6th

Likewise, Halladay settles in for a good inning.  Miguel Olivo did single though.  He's 3-for-3 on the afternoon.  Who knew Roy Halladay would be his slumpbuster?  Ryan Spilborghs hit for Cook.  He had a nice game overall.  Very pleased with Cookie today.
  • Phillies 3, Rockies 1
Top 7th

Flores gets two of the three he's assigned to face.  Of course the lone exception was Chase Utley.  Matt Belisle takes and retires Jayson Werth.  Now would be a great time for the offense to break through.  Halladay has to be getting close to his limit.

Bottom 7th

Rockies offense continues hitting frozen ropes all over the place, but it was a botched throw by Ryan Howard that opens the door for the Rockies to tie it.  Brad Hawpe followed with a double over Jayson Werth's head. Todd Helton and Ian Stewart each lined out right after that.  At least they got the game tied up.  Bullpen has to come up big.
  • Rockies 3, Phillies 3
Top 8th

Matt Belisle does his work today.  1 1/3 of scoreless ball.  Three strikeouts in there.  Well done.

Bottom 8th

Rockies offense wastes a big chance again.  1st & 2nd, 1 out for Gonzalez and Smith.  Two popups.  This is going to be very frustrating if they can't pull this one out somehow.
  • Rockies 3, Phillies 3
Top 9th

Manny Corpas to face the top of the order.  Boy, when Tracy puts a guy in the 9th inning role, he sure sticks with it.  I thought this might be a good spot for Joe Beimel.

Corpas gets his two batters and now gives way to Beimel.  That'll work.  Beimel gets his man (Utley) on one pitch.  Now let's get a damn run.  Just one.

Bottom 9th

Tracy ejected on a bang-bang call at first.  Looked like EY at least tied the throw.  I don't blame Tracy one bit for exploding.  His frustration has to be boiling over inside.  Anywho... we're headed to extras.  Good ballgame in the cold.
  • Rockies 3, Phillies 3
Top 10th

Clint Barmes with a spectacular turn on a double play to get the Rockies to the dugout safely.  Please. One run.  That's all!

Bottom 10th

First pitch of the inning... Miguel Olivo walks off with a bomb to left center!

A huge for this Rockies team that needed one badly.  Can't understate how important it is.
  • Final: Rockies, 4 Phillies 3