Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Opening Day!

I like the perspective of David Martin in his recap of yesterday's game. He was pointing out the positives that took place in said game (yes, there were a few) and encouraging us all to focus on the positive, rather than beat the negative to death.

Now is a great time for that.

While thinking about it, the most obvious silver lining I could find was this.

There are still 102 baseball games to be played in 2010. That's a lot of damn baseball. A lot of good things can happen in those 102 games. We all know this.

Like I commented to David, most of that will now have to come against good baseball teams, but honestly, if the Rockies can't compete with the Toronto's, Minnesota's and Boston's, then they really had nothing to begin with.   We will just come to grips with that reality.

So my approach to tonight is this. The Rockies are sitting at 30-30 (a nice round .500). Ubaldo Jimenez is on the mound. This can be Opening Day all over again. The season is starting over. 0-0. It's what they do from now on that matters. We won't ignore the first 60 games, but there's nothing we can do to change them either.

Now's the time to rally behind this team, because even though this season has been greatly frustrating, these guys on the field have given us many reasons to celebrate in the past. If we stick behind them, chances are they will again.

PS: I still wouldn't mind a shakeup on the coaching staff somewhere (hitting coach).

PSS: I still wish Jim Tracy had taken a different road in his comments on Jhoulys Chacin yesterday.

PSSS: I could rant again after the game tonight, but it'll take a really lousy effort to get that out of me. Like I said, it's Opening Day again.