Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rock Solid Rain Shortened Recap: 1-0

Before I get into the unimportant stuff, I want to send along my congratulations to David Martin (Rockies Review) and his wife on the birth of their first child (a boy).  Hopefully David is able to negotiate an Ubaldo or Helton somewhere in his son's name.

Good luck with that.

I was going to suggest that since his son was born on my dad's birthday that maybe his son could be named after my dad.  Then it occurred to me that his son's name would be Russell Martin.  So I'll pull that request off the table.

In all seriousness though, best wishes to the new parents!

Now: Back to Baseball

Earlier today I called for a season restart.  We wouldn't forget the first 60 games (how could we?), but we weren't focusing on those anymore.  It's fresh start.  All that matters is what happens from now on.

Game 1: Rockies 5, Blue Jays 3 (6)

What a weird, messy, disjointed, windy, rainy, icky game.

We'll take it.

The start of the game was delayed by nearly two hours.  When it eventually started,  the conditions were actually worse than during delay.  That obviously affected Ubaldo Jimenez, who struggled with his command and velocity all night.  That'll happen to anyone trying to throw a wet baseball.

In fact, Toronto's Ricky Romero, a quality pitcher himself, also pitched below his capabilities.  As did their reliever Jason Frasor, whose 6th.inning appearance was consumed by monsoon like conditions.

I just credit all those guys for going out and battling in the conditions.  None of them mailed it in despite not being able to operate at full capacity.

Winning Player: Ryan Spilborghs

I liked what Spilly brought to the table tonight against the lefty Romero.  He got the offense on the board with the opposite field homer in the 2nd.  His two out double in the 4th started another rally from scratch and helped tie it up.  He ended up 3-for-3 with 2 runs scored in the six inning ballgame.  Solid night.

When you consider everything it was a solid night for the entire team.  They battled through the conditions.  The offense perked up in support of Jimenez,  Ubaldo was as close to Ubaldo as he could be.  A great start to a new beginning.  Let's pull for more of the same tomorrow when Jason Hammel takes the mound against Brandon Morrow.