Monday, June 21, 2010

Updated Player Rankings 6-21-10

  1. Ubaldo Jimenez
  2. Jason Hammel
  3. Miguel Olivo
  4. Joe Beimel
  5. Jeff Francis
  6. Seth Smith
  7. Manny Corpas 
  8. Ryan Spilborghs 
  9. Carlos Gonzalez
  10. Rafael Betancourt
  11. Clint Barmes
  12. Todd Helton
  13. Matt Belisle
  14. Brad Hawpe
  15. Jhoulys Chacin
  16. Jonathan Herrera
  17. Melvin Mora
  18. Aaron Cook
  19. Randy Flores
  20. Juan Rincon
  21. Chris Nelson
  22. Ian Stewart
  23. Chris Iannetta
  24. Jason Giambi
  25. Franklin Morales
No question about it, Ubaldo Jimenez is in a class all to himself.  Now Jason Hammel is behind him... in a class all to himself.  At least for now.  

Seth Smith jumps a few due to his recent heroics.

I couldn't drop Manny Corpas very far because the circumstances surrounding his "collapse" are being understated by Jim Tracy and the media.  He was set up to fail.

Clint Barmes gets a bump because I'm pleased with his defense at SS.  It's easy to lose sight of his overall value when there's a Troy Tulowitzki on the team and he's limited to 2B.

By the same token, Jonathan Herrera has come on pretty strong as he gets more comfortable with every day life in the big leagues.  His defense has been pretty consistent with the usual work from Barmes at 2B, and the bat seems to be coming around as well.  He's no Tulo, but he has value.  

Nelson and Rincon haven't done much, so it may not be fair to rank them above anyone, but the Fab 4 below them have disappointed and underperformed since Opening Day.  The Rockies came into this season relying on all four to be productive.  Their collective contribution of zilch is a big reason why the Rockies sit uncomfortably at three games over .500.