Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Pulling For Morales

I really am!

I hope you will as well.

He's off the big league roster. He can't kill the Rockies playoff hopes anymore. We have to put that anger and frustation behind us or channel it to be something more positive.

Rockies fans... He's still one of our guys. He's still a part of the Rockies organization. Quite honestly, he's still a BIG part of the organization.

True, he may never throw another meaningful pitch for the Rockies in his career, but the bottom line on Franklin remains that he's left-handed, he can throw hard, and he has the type of big league stuff every GM will salivate over. He just needs to figure out how to put it all together on a consistent basis.

We need that to happen while he's still under our umbrella. Or we at least need him to show signs of it so that if/when the Rockies decide to cut bait, there may be a decent return (prospect) on their investment.

I encourage our fans at Colorado Springs to not boo Morales when he walks a batter or throws a wild pitch. I know, I know, you pay your money, you can do what you want. That's fine. But just understand the bigger picture here involves not only rehabing Franklin's pitching mechanics, but also rehabing him mentally.

Hearing boos every time he makes mistake won't help in either process.

I can't force anyone else to join me on this, but there's really no reason not to. Let's give the kid a little support and give him the best possible chance to grow up and become the man/pitcher we all hoped he'd become.


Blake said...

About time! I think Franklin has a ton of potential, but right now that guy is a gas can. We can't use him anywhere right now, and he can't take up a roster spot. Hopefully he gets it turned around in Colorado Springs. I don't think the Rockies should trade him. A hard throwing lefty is so valuable. We don't want him being somebody else's De La Rosa.