Monday, July 26, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: That Didn't End Well

Didn't really start well or get well at any point either.  

Riddle: How do you render an 8-2 home stand completely meaningless?

Answer later in the post.

I can sum up this game in four sentences.  Count along.

1) Ryan Spilborghs lost a ball in the sun.

2) Carlos Gonzalez and Seth Smith ran into each other allowing backup catcher Brian Schneider a two-run triple.

There really are no words to describe that.
3) Jason Hammel a made poor throw to first and Giambi made an even worse attempt to catch it.

4) Jason Giambi threw a possible double play ball into LF.

That all happened in one inning... wiithin about five batters.

That's really all you need to know.

Oh, and this was Joe Blanton's first start all season where he didn't allow at least three runs.  So the Rockies run of making average-to-miserable pitchers look like all-stars continued.

Jason Hammel was pretty alright.  Not great, but he didn't really have a chance to be great because his defense had him behind the 8-ball early and those extra pitches needed had him all out of whack.  I'd give him a B for his effort and a C for the overall results.

Riddle Answer: By following it with a 2-9 road trip.

I know... that was an easy one.


The Rockies begin a 10-day, 9-game hom estand against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  After three with them, the Rockies play the Cubs for four and the Giants for a quick two.

This cannot be a 5-4 home stand.  It has to be no worse than 7-2, 8-1.  The Rockies are by no means done or eliminated from playoff contention, but realistically speaking, they have to again play insanely good baseball for 2 months straight just to make that season-ending four game series in St. Louis a meaningful one.

There's literally no margin for error left for a team that can't seem to get out of bed without tripping themselves.