Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Links: O'Dowd, CarGo, Olivo

All-Star Links

-- My rant on the entire MESS of an All-Star Selection Show that aired on TBS this past Sunday. (Bugs & Cranks)

-- David Martin gives his take on the Miguel Olivo snub.  (Rockies Review)

-- Travis Lay jumps on the Olivo bandwagon, while linking to several experts with varying takes on the whole mess.  (Rockies Examiner)

-- Tom Verducci says the Rockies hit the jackpot with Miguel Olivo.  (SI)

-- I didn't forget Carlos Gonzalez.  If you're interested in voting for CarGo, and you don't mind validation codes, you can submit your votes at MLB.com. (Vote CarGo)

I've voted about 40 times in the last couple days.  I hope that means I remain in good standing with Rockies fans.

Unfortunately, I think we could all vote 1,000 times and Joey Votto will still get no less than 60% of the vote.  This thing has been setup for him to win.  He's the biggest snub on either ballot.  I don't really like it, but it is what it is.

That said, I think still think Gonzalez makes it if the NL needs a position player replacement.

Trade Talk Links

-- Dan O'Dowd tells Jim Armstrong the Rockies won't be pulling the trigger on anything until later in the month.  (Denver Post)

I continue to admire the way O'Dowd manages this team from up top.  Never any panic.  Never any hint of desperation.  He has a great feel for his team and what needs to be done.  I'm very comfortable with whatever he decides to do... even if it's nothing at all.

-- I was reluctant to read the Woody Paige article on Dan O'Dowd.  (Denver Post)

I'm glad I did.  It might be Woody's best work in years.  Seriously, he wrote an entire article that made sense and didn't once veer from reality.  That's historical.