Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lineup Card: Rockies @ Pirates

Losses like last night aren't a lot of fun, but the more the games mean the more they sting. So yeah, the sting sucks, but the stings feels kinda good, too, in a weird sort of way.

Will that loss send the Rockies into another tailspin like the one in Florida did, or can the Rockies man up and move on?  The answer better be yes to the latter question, not just for their survival in 2010, but for their mentality in the future.  

Rockies Lineup (57-53)
  1. CF  Fowler
  2. 2B  Barmes
  3. LF  Gonzalez
  4. SS  Tulowitzki
  5. 1B  Mora
  6. C    Iannetta
  7. RF  Spilborghs
  8. 3B  Stewart
  9. P    Rogers
Pirates Lineup (39-71)
  1. CF  McCutchen
  2. LF  Tabata
  3. 2B  Walker
  4. RF  Jones
  5. 3B  Alvarez
  6. C    Doumit
  7. 1B  Clement
  8. SS  Cedeno
  9. P    Maholm