Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quick Thoughts on Kiszla Pandering to the Stupid

Received a couple emails asking for my thoughts on the latest Mark Kiszla column. I thought David Martin did a fantastic job breaking it down at Rockies Review.

I'll just say this.

Kiszla's MO is pretty simple. He finds a topic that people are talking about. He writes an article on the topic that caters to the bottom of the barrel, lowest common denominator of Denver sports fans. To put it bluntly... the criminically stupid. And then he collects his paycheck.

Yes, I get it. -- he's selling newspapers. That's the defense he gets from his meatball supporters on the DP comment section -- and sadly, that's the bottom line in this pathetic situation. Selling newspapers is more important than credibility.

The credible newspaper (Rocky Mountain News) no longer exists, but the one that knows how to create a stir remains in business. The newspaper with very little credibility is the one baseball fans from across the country are using to get their information on the Colorado Rockies.

That makes me very uncomfortable.

Kiszla's latest piece of junk is laddened with lies, uninformed opinions, and misguided solutions to problems that don't exist. But who cares? He's selling newspapers! We're the Denver Post! We flushed the toilet on our credibility years ago, but our heads remain above water.

Congratulations to them.

Also, F*** them.


Blake said...

I always enjoy when the "sea level salute to mile high baseball" gives the ol' "one finger salute" to idiot sports columnists in Denver!! Be thankful you don't live here in town, they give these rahtards radio programs too. It's awful.