Saturday, August 7, 2010

Table Scraps

A few leftover thoughts that I couldn't squeeze into last night's Rock Solid Recap.

World class slide?  No question.

Great baserunning?  Not particularly.

But we all enjoyed the result.   (Highlight)

-- I think Dexter Fowler is going to hit for some decent power as his career progresses. I just hope he doesn't fall in love with that potential and is perfectly content with setting the table, using his speed to create havoc, and splitting gaps for extra bags.

-- I should add I thought the umpires used good judgment in awarding Fowler with a triple on this play... (Highlight).

-- Pirates color man Steve Blass on Ronny Cedeno: "He has some serious pop in that shortstop bat." Sorry Steve... that's wrong and ridiculous.

-- The respect Todd Helton still garners from opposing announcers is pretty remarkable. Even with Todd down as he has been all season, they still treat his ABs as must see events and make it a point to discuss his accomplishments. I don't think you'd hear them go that far with it if their respect wasn't completely genuine.

As a Rockies and a fan of Todd himself, I really appreciate their appreciation.

-- Annnnnd then you get this from a Rockies fan.

Helton grounds weakly to first for the #Rockies. So surprised.

Hey pal -- didn't you see this?  (Highlight)

-- Rockies scored a pair off Pittsburgh's closer Joel Hanrahan in a non-save situation. Where have we seen that before?

 I was quoted as saying closers struggle EVERY time they pitch in a non-save. I'd like to back off that claim and put their failure rate at or around 50%.  Or how about I just say It happens a lot. Like a lot more often than closers blow saves.