Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ubaldo: Mental or Physical?

Troy Renck tweets on Ubaldo Jimenez after his disaster start in Philadelphia.

Today wasn't mental as much as physical. Ubaldo was flying open, overthrowing. You could say that starts with a misguided thought.
But it is ultimately a physical issue. He was overthrowing. And when he has done that during his career, his location is compromised
Physical as in mechanics, yes. His velo was 98. Arm looks fine. He's rushing, trying to K guys. When he does that, he throws balls.
My thoughts in the Rock Solid Recap
By the way, I know Troy Renck likes to argue this is mostly a physical issue. I don't think so. To me it's a clear mental issue, leading to poor mechanics, which is a physical issue, which leads to less confidence, which is another mental issue, and it just keeps compounding itself and getting uglier.
Ultimately it's a mental issue. Anything physical is born directly out of that fact.
Troy Renck Today (tweet)
Ubaldo has Topped at 99 mph. Problems weren't physical last month. Just mental drain of having to win every time out
I'm not trying to take credit for being right here. I just enjoy pointing out how these people that are so connected to a baseball team or baseball players miss out on things that are plainly obvious to any of us not directly connected to the team.

Aside from that, you don't see Renck acknowledging that his original assessment was completely off base. He just tweets this updated viewpoint as if were something he's been saying all along.