Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What These Two Games Mean

My quick thoughts on what these next two games mean for both teams.

Split -- This does more good for San Diego mentally than it hurts Colorado mentally or in the standings. The Padres obviously leave town feeling good, but it doesn't really change either team's outlook.

San Diego wins both -- San Diego effectively knocks Colorado out of the picture. The Rockies would still have two plus weeks to recover, but one would have to assume their mental exhaustion would catch up to their physical exhaustion, thus making another extended winning streak unlikely.

Colorado wins both -- Then anything can happen. I would even lean towards suggesting San Diego is in serious danger of folding. They aren't nearly as talented as Colorado (or San Francisco), nor have they proven this year, or in recent past years, to be mentally tough enough to deal with late September stress.

That's what Coloado specialize in.