Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rock Solid Recrap: Blame me for the one-hit wonder

The Rockies were doomed from the start on Friday night. 


Because I wrote this when I posted the Lineup Card prior to the game:

There's your best possible Rockies lineup on display for I believe the first time this season. And when you look at where Chacin is right now, that includes the pitcher's spot.

So let that be a lesson to me. Just shut up.

Marlins 4, Rockies 1 (boxscore)

At first this looked like it could be the Rockies night. After Dexter Fowler walked leading off and moved to second on a passed ball, Jonathan Herrera moved him to third with a ground out to the right side. After Carlos Gonzalez struck out again, Troy Tulowitzki hit a routine grounder that third baseman Emilio Bonifacio fielded cleanly, but threw low and Gaby Sanchez couldn't handle it.

Gift run.

But all of that good feeling was quickly washed away when Chris Coghlan pulled Jhoulys Chacin's second pitch into the right field bleachers.

And then went further away when Chacin couldn't make a play on an Anibal Sanchez suicide squeeze in the 2nd. It would have been a terrific play, and he had time to make it, but the scoop toss straight from his glove short-hopped Iannetta and he couldn't handle it.

That right there was all the breathing room Sanchez would need. As you've probably seen or heard, Sanchez only allowed one hit on the evening. That being a broken bat grounder just past the reach of Omar Infante at second leading off the ninth.

Tip your cap to Anibal. He was a special kind of good. And his resume looks pretty good right now with one no-hitter and two one-hitters.

On the other side, Jhoulys Chacin was not sharp at all, but color me not the least bit surprised or worried. All pitchers are going to struggle, and often times they struggle the most when they have extra rest between starts. That's the situation Chacin was facing Friday, having not thrown in an entire week. There's something to keeping a schedule, routine and rhythm for pitchers. That's why Jim Tracy has been conscious of it in the past.

I expect much better from Chacin on Wednesday afternoon in Chicago.

I expect much better overall play Saturday in Florida.

And I expect Dante Bichette to never be invited to throw batting practice rounds again.

On second thought, don't blame me for the one-hitter. Blame it on Dante!


Blake said...

I blame myself as well. I went and started 3 Rockies on my fantasy team. I thought Sanchez would have been more yes-hitter than no-hitter. I'll shoulder the blame with you, buddy!!