Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stopping The Wave

One of our goals here at Heaven & Helton is to do everything within our power to eliminate the wave from Coors Field. Ultimately we'd like to see it completely removed from all sporting events, but we have to get our own house in order before we can take those bigger steps. 

To do that we must expose the people at the root of the problem. That's rarely ever a problem. Those people are easily identified by how loud they are, the content of the loud mouth verbiage, or, like yesterday, his girlfriend is wearing a WINNING t-shirt.

Secondly, and most importantly, we must have a good, non-violent plan of action. I mean after all, we want YOU to stay in the ballpark. You're a good fan. The clown below is the person we want to drive out of there.

I think we saw a great example of the proper way to handle him during yesterday's home opener.

Even though the douche in the middle deserves to be punched, seriously, we DO NOT encourage or condone violence as a means to stop the wave. What we do encourage is a reaction similar to the guy in the red hat. Cross your arms and ignore the wave starter.

That's it. It can really be that simple. All that toolbox wants is attention. By ignoring him, you are defeating him. By defeating him, we're winning one important battle against the wave. Sure he might move on the next section and try that same trick. That's fine. Defeat him there too. Defeat him in every section until he's too bored and discouraged to ever attend another Rockies game.

And then we move on the next one.

A partial thanks to ROOT Sports. 


Nick said...

Couldn't agree more! It's time for the Coors Field patrons to truly become a baseball crowd. Bring home pitchers with two strikes by making noise, get loud when the big bats are up in clutch situations and MOST of all get rid of the wave. I did my part on Opening Day in section 309 by dealing with a drunk wave starter (in the 3rd inning) and convincing others that there was, after all, a baseball game to watch. Go Rox.