Friday, May 6, 2011

Lineup Card: 5-6-11 Rockies @ Giants

If you're looking for Rockies game lineups and you don't feel like searching all over Twitter or waiting for to post them, check back to Heaven & Helton about 60-90 minutes before first pitch. They should be here waiting for you.

Yesterday's Recrap: Worst. Loss. Ever.

Colorado Rockies (18-11)
  1. CF Dexter Fowler 
  2. 2B Jonathan Herrera
  3. LF Carlos Gonzalez
  4. SS Troy Tulowitzki
  5. 1B Todd Helton
  6. RF Seth Smith
  7. 3B Ian Stewart
  8. C  Chris Iannetta
  9. P   Ubaldo Jimenez
Good to see Jim Tracy holding steady with the lineup he's been featuring the last couple days (minus the day off for Iannetta yesterday). He's wise to allow this lineup to continue going out there and work out the kinks. 

San Francisco Giants (15-16)
  1. CF Aaron Roward
  2. 2B Freddy Sanchez
  3. SS Mike Fontenot
  4. C   Buster Posey
  5. 1B Aubrey Huff
  6. LF Pat Burrell
  7. RF Nate Schierholtz
  8. 3B Miguel Tejada
  9. P   Matt Cain
We simply cannot lose to a team with Mike Fontenot hitting third. No way. Can't do it.