Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rock Solid Recap: Confidence and aggression key offensive breakout

That was quite a different looking Rockies offense we saw on the field Friday night. Even when they were finding ways to win in Pittsburgh and New York, we didn't see nearly enough of what we saw here.

We saw aggression. We saw them attacking early in the count, driving baseballs back through the middle. We saw them putting runners in motion, putting pressure on the defense. We saw them taking 90 feet when it made sense, not waiting for it to be handed out or running into easy outs.

But more importantly than that, we saw confidence. Swagger as the kids call it today. They conducted themselves like a team that knew it was supposed to win, supposed to dominate a mediocre pitcher, and they went out and did it. No excuses. No questioned asked. They blooded Dustin Moseley's nose early, and they kept kicking his ass until Bud Black threw in the towel.

Where that came from I don't know. How it could appear so quickly after being nowhere to be found I can't tell you. Even the Rockies probably couldn't tell you. But it was damn nice to see for one night, and I hope it's something that sticks around for weeks and months to come.

Rockies 12, Padres 7 (boxscore)

-- Ryan Spilborghs: Three hits, two runs, one RBI -- By far his best game in a long time. I'm sure that can be attributed to getting back-to-back starts for the first time in a long time as well. Let's see if Tracy sticks with the hot hand again Saturday again.

-- Troy Tulowitzki: Three hits, home run, three RBI -- I knew his line out on Thursday was a good sign. But even when you've seen a player for so long and you recognize good signs, it's still nice to see them build on it. San Diego pitching is going to leave town with a negative attitude thanks to this guy.

-- Carlos Gonzalez: Three runs, walk, triple, two steals -- It's easy to forget that Gonzalez has game changing speed and pretty solid base stealing instincts. If he can continue showing the patience we've seen over the past 3-4 games, special things will start happening.

-- Todd Helton, Seth Smith & Jonathan Herrera: Two hits each -- Helton left the game with soreness in his left calf. Hopefully that's something that will calm down quickly. Smith and Herrera did a fantastic job setting the table and establishing the mindset with their performance.

-- Jorge De La Rosa was far from his best in this one. He struggled to put his foot down every time the Rockies offense gave him breathing room, which made the game more interesting than it had any right to be. That said, Jorge's been the victim of lousy support several times himself, so he was more deserving of having the offense pick him up.

-- It took the Rockies several weeks to blow their division lead. It only took the Giants one day. Yay us?