Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rock Solid Recrap: Was yesterday's score a misprint?

Or maybe it was a fluke.

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Giants 2, Rockies 1 (boxscore

This is the score I'm used to seeing.

Jason Hammel: I can't tell you how much I respect him. He hasn't made any noise or shown frustration with the lack of run support. He just continues to go out and pitch his ass off. There are some pitchers (see Chicago) that would be mental cases if this kept happening to them, but Jason has been nothing but a pro. Hats off to him. He deserves so much better.

Offense in two words: Cringe worthy.

Chicago White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson doesn't think any team in baseball has wasted more opportunities (ie, bases loaded, no out and runner on third, less than two out) than his Sox have. Boy will he be in for a treat when they visit Coors Field later this month.

With just a LITTLE more offense this Rockies team could be in a special position right now. You expect things to even out. That's why some folks point to bad luck and stats for hope or excuses. But seriously, it can't even out with the poor quality of at-bats this team gives in money situations. That's what makes it cringe worthy.

Speaking of...

From (@TroyRenck) Jim Tracy on what Carlos Gonzalez needs to do to improve after his 0-for-4 with 4 strikeouts: "Have a strike zone."

That won't exactly endear player to manager, and I'm not usually a fan of a manager taking veiled or cheap shots at players, but he's absolutely right. Someone needs to get on CarGo's ass about being more disciplined and taking a more professional approach. And that goes for everything. As I've said before, I'm not a fan of the hot-dogging in the outfield either.

Not all praise for Tracy: Matt Reynolds is warming up in the 8th. The score changes, so Jim Tracy sits Reynolds down and makes Rex Brothers try to warm up quick to face the same hitters Reynolds would have faced. Turned out he wasn't needed, but what's the point of that? Now you have two different relievers that have warmed up and neither is used.

You can't do that. That adds up on pitcher's arms. That's why so many Rockies relievers end up with sore arms. When I said treat Brothers like any other reliever, I didn't mean start the process of wearing him out.

Leadoff walks: Not even Matt Lindstrom can overcome them.

Troy Tulowitzki's elbow: I can't believe how many Giants fans were acting like this was a big deal. Tulo's going to go out of his way to try and knock Aubrey Huff out. Yes, that makes so much sense. You're all so classy and smart. But you already proved that with the death threats for Scott Cousins.