Saturday, July 9, 2011

Return of the Rock Solid Recap

Every now and the Rock Solid Recap goes on a vacation. For example, the entire second half of last September, it was all Recrap all the time. But it's always nice when the Recap makes it triumphant return!

Welcome back Recap!

Welcome back Rockies!

Rockies 3, Nationals 2 (boxscore)

Let's get right into the three positives

1. Jason Hammel: A huge, HUGE bounce back effort from Hammel. I admit I was getting a little concerned there might be a lingering back problem or something else that was bothering him. And maybe there was. But this performance helped suppress those worries, and should help to inflate Hammel's confidence. If he'd lost any that is.

Line: 6 1/3 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 3 K

2. Jonathan Herrera: The professional pain in the ass is back to being just that. Herrera reached base three times (two hits, one walk) and was the catalyst in Colorado's three-run fourth inning (the only inning they scored in). He also had a solid night in the field.

3. Huston Street: The Rockies closer was in danger of becoming obsolete this past week, but showed no signs of rust retiring the middle of the Nationals order without much trouble. Sure there was a bloop single in there. Chris Iannetta wiped that out quickly, just as Street wiped out Jayson Werth and Rick Ankiel with his slider.

Honorable Mentions

Cole Garner (first career hit and RBI), Ty Wigginton (one hit, two walks), and the Matts (Reynolds and Belisle).

Other notes

The Rockies were retired in order six times out of nine innings. I'm not very surprised by this. I am, however, impressed they were able to overcome it. (credit @PoseidonsFist)


Simple recap, which almost always means the Rockies played a simple and solid baseball game. Or I'm tired. In this case it's a little of both. Now I'll be very curious to see how they back this one up. Can they build on it with Tulo returning and Ubaldo on the mound, or was it another one game wonder?

If the answer is the latter, this team's in trouble.