Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Recrap #13: Enough is enough... no?

I realize it's just one day out of the week. I understand it's a little fluky that it's played out the way it has, but thirteen straight Sunday losses? Are you serious, bro?

That's embarrassing. There's no reason this team can't come out and finish a series stronger than this. They can't finish a sweep. They can't win a rubber match. They can't steal three out of four. More often than not, they just come out flat on Sundays.

Today was no exception to that. Three errors. 1-for-11 with RISP. Aaron Cook loading the bases every inning it seemed. So much sloppiness, so little reason to believe in this team. It's maddening.

Brewers 4, Rockies 3 (boxscore)

Aaron Cook: Still done. Unfortunately, still no realistic option to replace him. So expect to see him on the mound again Friday in Arizona.

Ian Stewart: Alternating between good and awful in his return. This was awful, and the error that he compounded by not hustling was inexcusable. Someone has to let this guy know that there's a game everyday. The Rockies are asking and expecting him to be an everyday player. He can't mentally check in and out on an every other day basis.

Tulo & CarGo: Here are the biggest two reasons this team can't rally or get over the hump. The 9th inning was a perfect example. They just can't get out of their own way at the plate in big situations. They are both so scatterbrained and overanxious. Jumping at everything. Chasing. Not working the count or making the pitcher get them out. They put the pressure on themselves and get themselves out. Consistently.

Until they make strides in those situations. Until they slow their heartbeat as Clint Hurdle used to say, the Rockies are going to struggle winning close games late. Those are you money guys. They need to have the best at-bats when it matters most.

Three positives? 


1. Jason Giambi hit a baseball a real long ways. Watch it.

2. Rafael Betancourt pitched a scoreless 7th inning. Hopefully that's the first brick in the rebuilding of his confidence.

3. Umm... the Rockies won't see Jair Jurrjens again in this upcoming Atlanta Braves series. That has nothing to do with Sunday's game, but it's something postive.


Sometimes I feel like when the Rockies mail one in, it gives me the option of mailing in the Recrap. I didn't intend to mail this one in... but it definitely feels like it's lacking energy. I apologize for that.

I'll be taking a break from the Rockies game on Monday. Instead I'll be spending a night with family a day before we head to the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa on Tuesday (weather permitting). Honestly really looking forward to the little getaway, and looking forward to not sitting through another game that drives me crazy.

But I will miss the readers and the folks on Twitter. Look for an abbreviated recap of Monday's game on Tuesday night along with a recap of Tuesday's game. Enjoy your Monday!