Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lineup Card: 8-6-11 Rockies vs Nationals

So, so scary. Wishing Juan a complete recovery from this serious injury. The quicker the better, obviously, but I just want to the kid to have a normal life.

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Colorado Rockies (52-61)
  1. LF Eric Young
  2. CF Dexter Fowler
  3. RF Carlos Gonzalez
  4. SS Troy Tulowitzki
  5. 1B Todd Helton
  6. 3B Ty Wigginton
  7. 2B Chris Nelson
  8. C   Chris Nelson
  9. P    Jhoulys Chacin
CarGo's back! And in right field tonight. Ryan Spilborgh hits the DL.

Washington Nationals (54-58)
  1. CF Rick Ankiel
  2. 2B Danny Espinosa
  3. 3B Ryan Zimmerman
  4. 1B Michael Morse
  5. RF Jayson Werth
  6. LF Johnny Gomes
  7. SS Ian Desmond
  8. C   Wilson Ramos
  9. P    Livan Hernandez


Michelle said...

Chris Nelson playing 2nd and catching huh? Wow, our depth is really suffering :)