Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rock Solid Recap: Caught us a fish: Hook, line drives, and Cook's sinker

Alright, so we know the Rockies are maddeningly incompetent against some very pedestrian pitchers. They've also proven to be dominant at times this season against some of the lower-tier front of the rotation starters -- like a Jaime Garcia, whom they've pounded twice, and now tonight against Ricky Nolasco, whom they had never defeated before in six decisions.

That's why I don't bet on baseball.

Actually, I don't bet on anything, but if I did, baseball wouldn't be it.

Rockies 12, Marlins 5 (boxscore)

The Rockies pounded Nolasco for 11 hits and 11 earned runs in three innings. That's one of the uglier lines in the game this season. But the Rockies did benefit from a couple Marlin defensive lapses early. With two outs and the bases loaded in the first, Chris Nelson hit a dribbler that Nolcaso couldn't glove and Emilio Bonifacio couldn't charge fast enough.

Prrrroooobably should have been an out. Wasn't for them.

The next batter definitely should have been out, but the line drive flyball off the bat of Chris Iannetta was misjudged in center by Mike Cameron. Three runs scored there, and the Rockies were in the driver's seat.

Aaron Cook kept them there, throwing up zeros for seven innings until wearing out and allowing Mike Stanton's third monster home run in the series in the 8th. That was a three-run bomb. But by then the Rockies had already received a three-run homer of their own from Carlos Gonzalez, so who cares? Cook wins his first home decision of the season.

Three positives

1. Everyone involved: How about this for production up and down the order. All nine starting Rockies (including Aaron Cook) had a hit and RBI or run scored in the first three innings. But that just highlights perhaps the most maddening thing about this offense. Either they're relying on one or two in a given game, or they're getting it from everyone. Balancing that out would be nice.

2. Aaron Cook (again): We give him serious hell when he stinks, might as well heap on the praise when he's good. He really was good here, too, and he has been for almost three weeks. Professional, efficient and effective. Not at all ready to buy into him being a consistently good pitcher again, but the sustained signs of life are reason to hope.

Plus they should be able to bring him back reasonably priced next season should they decide to. We'll see how it all plays out.

3. Drew Pomeranz: A man amongst lesser men. Read about his dominant debut at AA Tulsa.

Final thought

I think it's worth pointing out that the Florida Marlins are horrible. We won't see them again this season, so that just had to be said. I'm glad the Rockies took advantage of that to win a series, but my God, Florida, wow. The only real attraction to visiting their new stadium next season will be watching Mike Stanton's BP sessions. That really is the extent of it, even if Hanley Ramirez is still there and Josh Johnson can get healthy.

Off day for the Rockies on Thursday. I've decided I too will be taking a day off. If you miss me, you might need to get your priorities straighter.