Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rock Solid Recap: Mixed results for White in ugly Rockies victory

With three exceptions...

1. Carlos Gonzalez's ridiculous catch (Watch) 

2. Seth Smith's 478-foot home run (Watch)

3. Jonathan Herrera's game-winning two-run home run (Watch)

... every other piece of footage from this game should be doused in gasoline and burned.

Rockies 8, Astros 6 (boxscore)

The Colorado Rockies did not play good baseball. In fact, they were pretty horrible. The infield defense suffered from several lapses. The baserunning was atrocious... again. It just wasn't something you'd show to a group of little leaguers hoping to learn the basic fundamentals of baseball.

And then you have the Houston Astros, who could probably learn things by watching little leaguers on tape. Heck, maybe that's where manager Brad Mills got the idea to move relief pitcher Wesley Wright to right field for one batter and then back to the pitcher's mound. Hey, it worked. Give him that much.

But let me tell you this right now. These wins are good to pile up, but anyone who thinks this indicates the Rockies are playing better baseball is crazy. I even read someone tweet the Rockies wouldn't have won this exact same game one month ago. That's definitely true... unless they were playing the Houston Astros.

They also wouldn't win this game yesterday, today or tomorrow unless the Houston Astros were the opponent. That's what it boils down to.

Alex White

The good: He's a groundball machine. Better yet, he's a weak groundball machine. Nothing Houston was hitting on the ground was hit with any authority... at all. That led to several easy outs and a couple really easy innings. Unfortunately, it also led to a few infield hits. That, coupled with Chris Nelson stumbling around defensively, led to an uglier line than he deserved.

The bad: His mistakes were crushed. That won't always be the case, but Carlos Lee and Jason Paredes each homered on mistakes, and pitcher Bud Norris doubled off a mistake. Basically, he just needs to limit his mistakes, because I'm betting his not mistakes won't get him beat very often.

Overall: The stuff is good. He'll only be 23 next week. Promising days are ahead.

Final thought

More like a final question.

How have the Astros won 42 games?

I'm not even being sarcastic when I ask that.