Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rock Solid Recap: Rockies finally answer 9th inning wake up call

I'll be honest, for eight innings this baseball game bored me to tears.

I'm sorry. After Mike Stanton's first inning moon shot and Tulowitzki's third inning two-run shot, there was little to get excited about or interested in watching. Especially with all the other exciting things happening in baseball like Jim Thome's 600th home run (congrats) and the Brewers turning a triple play on the Dodgers.

But I kept watching, and everything changed in the bottom of the ninth inning... with a Dexter Fowler baserunning error.

That makes perfect sense.

Yes, Fowler, representing the tying run, blooped one into shallow centerfield with two outs, but got caught rounding first base way too aggressively. He was dead to rights. But the Marlins also kinda suck, so they completely butchered any chance at a rundown, allowing Dex to take second easily.

That was the Rockies wake up call. One pitch later, Carlos Gonzalez answered it by tying the game with his own double.

But unlike most Rockies rallies, it doesn't end there. After a Troy Tulowitzki intentional walk, Jason Giambi (likely insulted and pissed off by the gesture) walked it off with a three-run homer.

Just that fast.

A classic Coors Field finish. Something we've grown accustomed to over the years, but it never gets old. And honestly, with the Rockies struggles this season, I enjoyed and appreciated this one more than I have some during the Rockies better seasons. Just can't take these moments for granted.

Rockies 7, Marlins 4 (boxscore)

Three positives

1. Kevin Millwood: Say what? The same Kevin Millwood that's allowed five home runs in two starts? Why yes, because he's not allowing anything other than home runs right now. That will change, and when it days his numbers will be ugly, but for now he's provided two very professional starts that have put Colorado in position to win late. I'll take that from the guy you've expecting nothing from.

2. Rex Brothers & Matt Belisle: The bullpen duo also did their part in keeping Colorado in the game, combining for three scoreless innings. Belisle ended up being credited with the win. That's his 7th, tying him with Jason Hammel for second on the team.

3. Troy Tulowitzki: Huge game reaching base four times and scoring three runs. He homered, he worked a good walk leading off the 8th. Just a really strong game with a good consistent approach the whole way through.

Final thought(s)

Well, if there was ever a time for the Rockies to go on a tear, this is it. Mometum. Eight games vs. Florida, Los Angeles and Houston. All at Coors Field. Even knowing it won't mean anything in the standings, I desperately want to see them take care of business. For pride's sake please beat these helpless teams up!

PS: I still can't believe Jim Tracy elected to pinch-hit with Ty Wigginton over Todd Helton with two runners on in the 8th. Actually, I can believe it, but I almost refuse to believe it. Ugh. Please don't bring this manager back. I beg of you Dan O'Dowd.