Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Recrap: Chapter 17

Hello Baseball World!

What you witnessed this evening was Colorado Rockies baseball at its Sunday best in 2011. So glad all of you finally got a glimpse into the hell we've been living all season.

Cardinals 6, Rockies 2 (boxscore)

What are we going to do about Esmil Rogers and first innings? It's unreal. He just can't past that hurdle of avoiding a bad start. Does he need more warm ups? Is it nerves? Someone needs to get on that and figure out some answers.

Bob Apodaca: You go first.

The good news is sometimes Esmil is able to limit the damage. The bad news is there are nights like tonight, where he gives away a quick 2-0 lead, and then proceeds to give up even more. It's frustrating, and once again, he piled up 32 pitches in the first. That guaranteed another short night. Despite recovering nicely from the slow start, that's exactly what it was.

Moving on...

The offense. Two runs four batters into the game. No runs the rest of the game. We've seen it before. I've analyzed it before. Who cares anymore? These guys have no pride or fight left in them. Too harsh? Someone in the clubhouse have a problem with that being said?


Do something about it then. Show me something.

Three positives

1. Mark Ellis: After homering in his first and third Rockies games back on July 1 & 3, Ellis finally connected for #3 off Edwin Jackson in the first. (watch)

2. Rex Brothers: Scoreless frame on nine pitches. That's more like it.

3. Rich Dauer: Happy to hear Dauer didn't suffer anything beyond a fractured nose when he was struck in the face by a Chris Nelson throw prior to the game. (Better Chris than Tulo I suppose) How many more weird, bad and bizarre things can happen to this team?

Meanwhile, Glenallen Hill was 1-for-1 tonight sending runners at third base.

Final thought

I predicted a winning road trip. Fail.

Now I'm going to predict a homestand! But only because it's the Marlins, Dodgers and Astros. Honestly, if the Rockies don't go at least 6-3, then they really freaking suck.