Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lackluster Recrap: If it's broke, why fix it?

Isn't that the saying? Or did Jim Tracy get it all ass backwards again by not firing a single member of his coaching staff in response to the most disappointing season in Rockies history?

Yes, you heard me, given a reprieve by Dan O'Dowd and the sole power to retool his coaching staff, Tracy elected to fire no one. In other words, the Titanic already hit the iceberg, and now he's not letting anyone leave. You're all going down with him.

Overall, this is a pretty embarrassing and discouraging piece of news. No one is being held accountable for again, the most disappointing season in Rockies history, but not only that -- this team is fundamentally pathetic, players are out of position all the time, players are regressing, pitchers are regressing, others aren't developing.

It's a cesspool, and there's no leadership in the organization beginning at the top with ownership, continuing down through front office, coaches, players and beyond. This decision just reaffirms that, and it guarantees nothing will be different next season either. Seriously, if you have expectations at all for next season, can them. Make them prove it first, and then make them continue to prove it.

You really have to dig deep to find some good here. The only two things I can come up with are it probably wouldn't be good for the players to go through whole coaching changes now, especially when it's likely they'll go through more next season. That's assuming Tracy doesn't last, which I'm safely assuming. A new manager wouldn't take Tracy's leftovers like Tracy took Hurdle's.

So think about it... If you fired Carney Lansford, bring someone new in next season. Then Tracy goes. At this point, it's possible our already confused hitters could have four hitting coaches in four seasons. Not good.

Pitching wise, yes, it's probably time for a new message for our pitchers. Hard to deny that, despite Apodaca's past success, especially when you see guys who failed here having success elsewhere. But a little stability now when where you foresee wholesale changes coming isn't the worst place to be.

The other thing... Well, if Jim Tracy is making the decisions, did we really stand a chance to see positive changes? Not likely.

So anyway, this pretty much stinks and our favorite team has gone from division favorites in March to nowhere ready to compete. Injuries hurt. Players not playing well or smart hurt. And the coaching did absolutely nothing to help or position our players to be better.

It's a mess.

Giants 7, Rockies 0 (boxscore)

This is all you honestly need to see...

Final Thought

It's the final day of the season.

Dammit, I'm frustrated, pissed, annoyed at this team, but I'm still going to miss them. But please don't do that "Is it April?" stuff again. That didn't work last year, and honestly, as much as we'll miss them, we do need this break from them. We really do. And they need a break from us.