Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lackluster Recrap: Solo home runs for the loss!

I think I've written this recrap a few times this season. You know, the one where the Rockies hit multiple home runs in a game - all of them solo - and lose.

Yeah, that one.

Diamondbacks 5, Rockies 3 (boxscore)

So guess what, I'm going to write positive things about the home runs since all three were all pretty significant for one reason or another, rather than focus on another meaningless result.

For Carlos Gonzalez, it was his 25th of the season. That's a nice, solid, round number.  (Watch)

For Kevin Millwood -- yes, that Kevin Millwood -- it was a rare pitcher home run. It was only the third of his career and his first since 2001. (Watch)

And for young Wilin Rosario, it was the milestone career home run No. 1. You've officially made it, kid. Congratulations! (Watch)

-- I'll tell you something I really like about Wilin Rosario. He comes across as a fearless, no nonsense type of player. I love that. So does Troy Tulowitzki, apparently. I like that as well. And the kid seems to have some personality, which I believe the Rockies sorely lack in the clubhouse.

Now, of course this doesn't guarantee or even suggest sustained major league success, but I truly believe his talent does. Once he gets more comfortable, gets established, and earns the respect of his teammates, I think he stands a chance to be a real leader for the team on the field and off.

I'm going way over the top in my praise here, but I honestly haven't felt this good about a debuting Rockies prospect since Troy Tulowitzki, and before that Todd Helton. Yes, that even includes Carlos Gonzalez and his immense talents. I don't expect Rosario to put up better offensive numbers that CarGo, or even win Gold Gloves, but I do expect him to be a huge part of positive change for this baseball team.

-- I had no problems with Kevin Millwood's outing. None. Here's what you have to look at: ZERO walks. Overall, only four walks in 38 innings.

You see what that does? It takes what easily could have been a disastrous outing with several hard hit baseballs and makes it average. It takes an average outing and makes it good. It takes a good outing and makes it brilliant.

It's for that reason that I'm officially telling you I want Kevin Millwood in the Rockies rotation to begin 2012. I want him around Alex White, Jhoulys Chacin and Drew Pomeranz, and I want them watching the way he goes about his business.

-- Two things on Tulowitzki's five errors this season.
  1. He's awesome. 
  2. Colorado's official scorer see things from a unique perspective. As in, his rulings are often head-scratching or flat-out wrong.
It's still a nice number to look at, and I don't think the error total would be significantly higher with a different scorer, but this guy is very home friendly. No question about that.

Final thought

My final thought is actually about Arizona. About tens day ago I would have told you they have little to no shot at winning even one game against the Philadelphia Phillies in the playoffs. Right now, after having watched them for six games in ten days, I believe they will be a very competitive and exciting series. Not sure I could pull for Arizona, but I'll look forward to watching that play out.