Monday, September 19, 2011

Lackluster Recrap: Yay for not being no-hit!

Or as @edwscott responded on Twitter, maybe they wanted to be no-ht but couldn't do that right either. It seems plausible. 

I'll say this -- the Rockies may have only had one hit against Cory Luebke and Ernesto Frieri (Yes, those are real people, and real major league pitchers. Hell, I even started Luebke in two fantasy leagues.), but they got a 200% return on that one hit -- a two-run home run by Mark Ellis.

On the negative side, Luebke had two hits himself. And San Diego had eight runs. We lose. Again.

Padres 8, Rockies 2 (boxscore)

It was probably good that Kevin Millwood threw a clunker out there to remind people like me who are clamoring to re-sign him that he's still old, and he's only had one really quality season (2009) since 2006. Thanks, Kevin. My optimism has been adjusted.

Back to the positive side: The bullpen -- Jim Miller, Edgmer Escalona & Josh Roenicke -- did a fantastic job, holding San Diego to one run over the final 5 2/3. At least those guys are trying to make a name for themselves.

Drew Goodman: 8-time Colorado Sportscaster of the Year, and currently the Rockies best fielder...

And just as quickly as the Rockies got their asses handed to them, we've arrived at tonight's final thought.

Final Thought

Now, believe me folks, I'm not putting all the problems we're witnessing now on Jim Tracy. Like I've said a couple times, his hands are tied. But we, as fans, along with the fans in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh know what Jim Tracy is about. We don't need to see more.

BUT... it sounds like the Rockies brass like Jim and want him back, so I'm going to give them a different angle to look at this. If you like him so much, let him go so he can be with a winner. Please? And preferably a winner in our league, if not our division.

If not that, maybe they can work out a trade with Florida if they can't push one through for Ozzie Guillen.

I'm just giving them options. Maybe even auditioning for a future assistant GM gig.