Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rock Solid Recap: Rockies use the force to crush Astros

Rockies 19, Astros 3 (boxscore)

Remember when we made fun of the Rockies on Sundays?

Not this time.

As @Rockieswoman1 pointed in her postgame game, the Rockies outscored the Tennessee Titans, Denver Bronces, as well 16 other NFL teams on Sunday. SIXTEEN. 1-6.

This after scoring a grand total of... wait for it....19 on their entire final seven-game home stand. This team. Seriously. I don't even know what to tell you, so I'll just give you two basic pieces of information.
  1. The Rockies 19 runs were a season high. Duh!
  2. The 25 hits were a franchise record.
Who got those hits? I'll break those down into clubs.

4-Hit Club
3-Hit Club
2-Hit Club
1-Hit Club
The only Rockie to bat that didn't collect a hit was relief pitcher Greg Reynolds.

That's what I like to call a spread out attack. A little bit fluky to be sure, but no less fun.

And one final 2012 hat tip to Kevin Millwood for coming in and restoring a semblance of order every five days in the Rockies rotation. Yes, I realize the pretty stats aren't all that wonderful. You know, the K/9, the HR/9. Those aren't good, and that can't be entirely ignored, but he still brought a refreshing mix of professionalism, hunger, experience and results. I find that part just as difficult to ignore.

I still want him in the mix next spring. Nothing would be handed to him, and the Rockies young starters could only benefit from the time they can spend with him.

Final Thought

Aside from seeing their relievers walk around with pink backpacks, I can't remember a time we were able to experience some real Rockies rookie hazing. That changed on Sunday when Troy Renck of the Denver Post tweeted out some photos of Colorado's rookies dressed as Stars Wars characters.

Check out his blog post on that here.

Indeed the force was with the Rockies on this Sunday. Now they actually head San Francisco with momentum (I guess you'd call it that), while the Giants come home after being officially eliminated and embarrassed at the hands of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Let's go out with a winning series, shall we?