Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rock Solid Recrap: Rockies Offer Little Support For Jamie Moyer

Astros 7, Rockies 3 (boxscore)

Rockies fans search for offense in Houston.

What Went Wrong: Well, for one thing, the Rockies offense simply couldn't figure out Lucas Harrell.

Yeah, that Lucas Harrell. The one you've never heard of.

In his seven innings of work, the Rockies managed only three hits against the 26-year-old right-hander, while striking out four times. So if we're going to make an official list of unknown or really bad pitchers that the Rockies inexplicably struggle against in 2012, that list is going to start on April 7 with the name of Lucas Harrell.

In addition to an inept offense, the Rockies committed three official errors behind Jamie Moyer, with several other sloppy misplays on both sides of the field interspersed throughout.

Read more about them starting... now.

Turning Point: The entire fourth inning.

The mess of an inning began with Carlos Gonzalez standing on third and one out. That set the stage for the return of the contact play, which, as you've probably already guessed, failed when Troy Tulowitzki grounded sharply to shortstop. Seriously, CarGo was out at home by no less than 20 feet.

Moments later, Tulo was caught stealing second, ending their once promising bid to even the game at 1.

The bottom of the fourth began with a soft bouncer to third that Chris Nelson charged and fielded nicely, but then threw wildly to first for an error. Thankfully, Marco Scutaro was hustling and able to chase the ball down before it got too far away. We appreciate that. Unfortunately, his throw back to the infield struck the hitter, Brian Bixler, in the back, allowing him to advance all the way to third.

Yes, it was your classic E5, E4 ruling... complete with circus music.

That disaster was quickly followed by a J.D. Martinez two-run home run, which pushed Houston's lead to 3-0.

So you go from being on the verge of tying the game at 1, to three batters later trailing 3-0.

That's how you lose baseball games to bad baseball teams.

Jamie Moyer's line: 5 IP, 5 H, 4 R (3 ER) 1 BB, 2K, 2 HR. 69 pitches (42 strikes)

Well, the Moyer experience was interesting to say the least. At times he amazed with his ability to execute and keep hitters off balance (two double plays). When he missed his spots, though, the results were exactly what you'd expect for an advanced aged lefty with a fastball that rarely touches 80 (two home runs).

All of those things seemed to balance out though. The real problem is Moyer didn't get the support necessary from his teammates to enhance and overcome his strengths and weaknesses.

Let's be honest, Moyer is not going to go out there and win any games based solely on his own performance. He's going to rely on his teammates more than any other starter in the game. Tonight, he received zero runs, three hits and his defense committed three errors while he was in there.

To bottom line it: Moyer was Moyer... and he was surrounded by garbage.

Highlight of the Night: Michael Cuddyer is swinging a hot bat after collecting two hits in Friday's opener and following that up with a home run and double on Saturday night.

What's next: The Rockies wrap up the opening weekend in Houston on Sunday with a 12:05 MT first pitch. Juan Nicasio takes the mound for Colorado in his official return from a broken neck suffered last August. He'll be opposed by hard-throwing right-hander Bud Norris.

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