Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lineup Card: Rockies vs Dodgers 5-2-12

Last Night's Recrap: The Machine Is Battered... Perhaps Broken


Colorado Rockies (11-12)

  1. Jonathan Herrera (2B)
  2. Dexter Fowler (CF)
  3. Carlos Gonzalez (LF)
  4. Troy Tulowitzki (SS)
  5. Todd Helton (1B)
  6. Michael Cuddyer (RF)
  7. Wilin Rosario (C)
  8. Chris Nelson (3B)
  9. Drew Pomeranz (P)
Pre-planned off days for Marco Scutaro and Ramon Hernandez this afternoon. I'm guessing neither will be too disappointed to avoid Kershaw.

Los Angeles Dodgers (17-7)
  1. Tony Gwynn (LF)
  2. Mark Ellis (2B)
  3. Matt Kemp (CF)
  4. Juan Rivera (1B)
  5. Andre Ethier (RF)
  6. Jerry Hairston (3B)
  7. Justin Sellers (SS)
  8. A.J. Ellis (C)
  9. Clayton Kershaw (P)
Sure the big boys like Kemp, Ethier and even David Wright before them have all come up with big hits against the Rockies, but it's been their inability to retire Mark & A.J. Ellis, along with other role players like Ruben Tejada and Kirk Nieuwenhuis that have killed them this homestand. Today would be a good day to start putting the pests away. 

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