Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rock Solid Recrap: Rockies Swept For Third Straight Weekend

Mariners 6, Rockies 4 (boxscore)

What Went Wrong: Coming in to Sunday, Seattle's starter Blake Beavan had never struck out more than four batters in a big league start (23 career). He struck out seven Rockies. In just five innings.

That's just one example of the crap that led to Colorado being swept for the third consecutive weekend (Braves, Dodgers, Mariners). Plenty more are on the way.

Turning Point: This isn't so much a turning point. It's actually more along the lines of one of the most poorly executed defensive plays I've ever seen. It happened in the 1st inning with the game still scoreless. Seattle had men at the corners with two outs when Kyle Seager (runner on first) takes off for second hoping to draw a throw so his team can possibly steal a run.

You've seen the play before a million times... especially if you or one of your children played youth baseball or softball. There it works pretty much all of the time. In the big leagues, you either eat the baseball or have something designed to counteract the play, usually resulting in an out. Heck, some teams even get a double play out of when they execute their plan.

The Rockies? Well, let's just say they looked like they've never seen, heard of, or prepared for the above scenario, because as soon as Seager ran, all hell immediately broke loose.

First it was Wilin Rosario's throw to second that sailed to the shortstop side of the base, almost as if he was expecting Troy Tulowitzki to take the throw. Nope, it was Marco Scutaro's play. After Scutaro lunged to make the catch, he came up firing wildly back to the plate... completely over the head of Rosario.

Seattle's Dustin Ackley was credited with the steal of home. Seager was able to advance all the way to third and eventually scored on Justin Smoak's single.


Jeremy Guthrie's Line: 6 IP, 6 ER, 7 H, 2 BB, 4 K, 3 HR, 102 pitches (57 strikes)

As you've heard countless times, Jeremy Guthrie is not a good fit for Coors Field. But let me assure you of this... all three home runs Seattle hit off him today were not products of Coors Field. They would have left Safeco Field, Comerica Park, Petco Park, and perhaps even the Grand Canyon.

They were crushed. Murdered even. Simply bad pitches that were met with predictably awful results.

Screengrabs/Tweets of the Game
We might want to get used to this shot of Tom Runnells. You know, just in case something happens soon.  


Highlight of the Afternoon: Dexter Fowler hit another home run today. Watch it here

What's Next: On the road we go to that brand spanking new monstrosity in Miami for a three-game set with the Marlins.

Game 1 of the series comes your way Monday at 5:10 MT and it features a pretty decent pitching matchup: Juan Nicasio (2-1, 4.37) vs. Ricky Nolasco (4-2, 4.10).

You say Nolasco, I say Nicasio. Let's call the whole season off.

Correction: I got so excited about by Nolasco-Nicasio line that I moved the pitching matchup ahead by a day. Monday's pitching mathcup is actually Jamie Moyer (2-3, 4.20) vs Mark Buehrle (3-4, 3.17).

Final Thoughts: I think we've made a justifiable case to fire everybody today. And sadly, it's not a matter of IF anymore. It's a matter of WHO and WHEN, because I don't see this team getting well in Miami or Cincinnati. I'd even go as far as to say it's probable someone just coached (or managed) their final home game in Denver.

If I had to pick an odds on favorite scapegoat, it would probably be Carney Lansford simply because I don't see the Rockies parting with Jim Tracy or Bob Apodaca in season. There just seems to be too much loyalty and respect for those two men within the organization for that to happen now. When October rolls around, all bets are off on everybody. Because like I said before the season, Dan O'Dowd has tied his tenure to those two men and it's becoming increasingly difficult to imagine any of the three surviving this.

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