Friday, April 30, 2010

Looking Ahead: Pitch It To Win It

The Rockies open a three game series in San Francisco tonight. In case you haven't heard, the Giants have the best pitching in baseball.

By a mile.

So basically the Rockies are going to have to pitch the baseball with great success themselves if they plan on leaving the bay area with a victory or two.

Aaron Cook vs. Barry Zito

And it starts right off with a bad matchup for the offense. Barry Zito was murder on them in all four starst last season (2-0, 0.95). That's pretty ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous... Zito is 3-0 this season with a 1.32 ERA.

With two rookies backing him up over the weekend, the pressure is really on Aaron Cook to repeat or damn near repeat what he did Saturday vs. Florida. I know sometimes cliches like "setting a tone" are pointless and overrated, but this might one of those rare cases where it rings true. Cook needs to be good.

My Lineup Card

2B Young Jr.
CF Fowler
1B Helton
SS Tulowitzki
RF Gonzalez
C Olivo
LF Spilborghs
3B Stewart
P Cook

I'm thinking Jim Tracy has to continue with the Young/Fowler combo at the top. That element of speed and instant offense is going to be crucial.


Giants 6, Rockies 5

If the Rockies score 5 runs off Barry Zito they absolutely must win the game. MUST.

Tulo got the offense going with a 2-run HR in the 1st. In the 5th, Ryan Spilborghs doubled home two more. Then in the 7th, Todd Helton hit a solo HR to close out the Rockies scoring.

Aaron Cook battled his control all game. He walked 5 over 7 innings while allowing 5 ER and 6 hits. At least he got deep in the game. Matt Belisle took the loss in the 9th on a Bengie Molina single.

Rockies fall to 14-9 on the simulated season.