Friday, April 30, 2010

Running Thoughts: Cook vs. Zito

I'll start off by mentioning another new lineup look for the Rockies.

EY Jr.s starts in LF and leads off.  Fowler in CF.  Carlos Gonzalez moves up to third and plays RF.  That gives the Rockies an abundance of speed at the top of the order.  Tulowitzki stays in his spot.

Todd Helton drops to fifth.  Interesting idea I suppose.  He's not hitting for power, which isn't unusual for him these days, but he's still maintained his ability to get on base throughout his career.  Maybe this will kickstart him, I'm not sure, I guess I was just liking the dynamic of CarGo providing Tulo with protection and giving the middle of the a little speed boost.

I mean they did score 23 runs in two games with that lineup, so I'm not sure I understand the need for a big change tonight.  Guess we'll see how it works out.

Olivo, Mora (starts for Stewart), Barmes and Cook round out the lineup card.

  • Jerry Schmmel just basically asked Jim Tracy if he enjoys the challenge presented to him by this latest rash of injuries.  One of the dumbest questioned I've ever heard asked.  Tracy did a nice job of answering it without making Schmmel look like a moron.  Nice job, Jim.  
  • Another lineup change: Jeff Huson in the booth for George Frazier.  
1st Inning
  • Line drive up the middle for EY Jr... and he immediately steals second.  The spark plug is sparking.  Or something.   
  • Borderline call goes the Giants way on a Fowler groundball.  First base umpires haven't been good to the Rockies this season.  
  • Rockies have scored first.  CarGo paying dividends in his new spot.  We should appreciate any run scored against the red hot Zito.  
  • Now CarGo steals a bag.  Love the speed.  
  • Rockies settle for the 1 spot.  Now it's time to pray for good Cook and that Zito doesn't settle in too much.  
  • And Aaron Cook with a walk... bleh.  Sick of the walks already.  
  • EY nearly plays a Sandoval line drive into a doube... BUT he recovered nicely and made the play.  Work in progress indeed.  
  • Walk aside, it's a good start for Cookie.  Average amount of pitches.
  • Rockies 1, Giants 0
2nd Inning
  • Zito comes back with a 1-2-3 inning, though the Rockies put a good charge into a couple deep flyouts.  
  • Cook walks another.  Please stop.  
  • Cook gets a DP and a circus catch from EY Jr. to pull out a scoreless inning.  I'll give credit to Young on that one.  He's not smooth out there, but he's running the ball down.  
3rd Inning
  • Zito on a roll now.  Has retired 8 in a row.  *Cringe*
  • Aaron Cook responds with a 1-2-3 inning.  Eliminate the pesky walk and the innings go quicker.  Well done.  
4th Inning
  • Helton snaps Zito's streak of 10 in a row retired with a walk.  Nice AB to hopefully kill his momentum.
  • But no, Zito fans Olivo.    
  • Giants have loaded the bases with two outs on two singles and a walk.  The walk was a joke, as Cook wasn't missing the strikezone at all.  
  • And, predictably, the announcers mention Juan Uribe being 0-for-9 against Cook, so Uribe knocks a 2-run single.  
  • Giants 2, Rockies 1
5th Inning
  • Rockies start with singles by Mora and Barmes; Cook does his job getting them to scoring position; EY Jr. doesn't by failing to make contact.
  • Alert baserunning by Melvin Mora gets the Rockies a gift run a passed ball.  Barely trickled away from Molina.
  • Another walk by Cook.  Ahhhhhhhhh.  
  • Now it's 1st and 3rd with no outs.  I hate walks.  I can't even tolerate them, and they are the reason the Rockies starting pitchers looking below average as a whole.  
  • Giants retake the lead on a Kung Fu Panda infield single.  
  • To recap: A walk, a bloop single and an infield hit.  That doesn't kill you without the walk.  
  • Huff doubles home two.  The floodgates are open in San Francisco.  
  • New Score: Giants 5, Rockies 2
6th Inning
  • Rockies offense need to start showing some of the "onions" they showed rallying on Wednesday.  And now would be the time to start that.  
  • Fail.  
  • Cook pitches around a leadoff double.  See... for some reason it's easier to pitch around that than a leadoff walk... so stop with the walks.  Just sayin.  
7th Inning
  • *Crickets*
  • Manny Corpas continues to be awesome.  
8th Inning
  • Fowler rips a 1 out double.  Finally a peep from the offense in these late innings.  
  • A peep is all it was.  A very silent one.  
  • And a solid inning for Randy Flores (1-2-3).  
  • Bullpen is not an issue for the Rockies.  
9th Inning
  • A two out double by Melvin Mora prompts Bruce Bochy to bring in former Rockies Jeremy Affeldt.  
  • Affeldt retires Seth Smith to end the game.  
  • Well damn.  Bad start to a LONG (potentially painfully LONG) roadtrip.
  • Final: Giants 5, Rockies 2