Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rock Crappy Recap: Do I Have To?

Mets 5, Rockies 0

Yes, I have to. But if the Rockies aren't going to put in a full effort on a Thursday afternoon, neither am I.

Official Scorer

Losing Player: #42. Everybody wearing Jackie Robinson's #42 in a Rockies uniform today embarrassed the number.

They played like shit. I could stop there, but I'll add a little to it.

  • The defense was pathetic. 
  •  Botched rundown with a pitcher running. 
  •  Melvin Mora can't turn a double play unless a catcher or pitcher is running. 
  •  Miguel Olivo with some really lazy backhands of balls in the dirt. 
  •  Seth Smith throwing to the wrong base. 
  •  Jason Giambi has no range. 
  •  De La Rosa walked five. 
  •  Zero runs scored.

Of course the final blurb there (0 runs) rendered everything else moot on this day, but you still have to look at the whole ugly picture.

If this were just one of those isolated ugly days that happen throughout the course of a 162 game schedule, I'd be much less annoyed. Unfortunately, we've seen this crap on several occasions already. If not for the easy early schedule, the Rockies could be looking at 2-7 or 3-6. It's been really been that bad defensively.

Jim Tracy: I need you to read and understand this. You can't put Melvin Mora and Jason Giambi on the field together. It doesn't work. Also, Chris Iannetta needs to be your regular catcher. You can't have Olivo out there half-assing it, using a backhand stiff-arm to block everything in the dirt. It's horrible technique.

I'm in favor of rotating guys in and out.  I just need a rotation that doesn't KILL the defense every three days.

That's all.  It was awful.  It'll be a long flight to Atlanta for the guy, but all can be mostly forgotten with a good performance tomorrow.

Rockies Defensive Woes Continue, Lose Finale To Mets (Rockies Review)


Jerry said...

Sounds like I picked a good day to miss them. They won't be beating Atlanta if they continue this way defensively.