Saturday, May 1, 2010

Looking Ahead: TV Fail?

Sounds like the TV situation will be a friggin mess again today.

Major League Baseball should be ashamed any time fans are robbed from watching their favorite teams play. That makes no one happy. It doesn't mean people are going to watch the stupid Fox games you're shoving down our throats every week with the same teams, it just means they're going to be annoyed and find something better to do.

This is just one reason MLB is the worst at doing the right thing to make their fans happy. It's pathetic.

Blackouts suck!

Esmil Rogers vs. Matt Cain

I know three things...

1. Matt Cain is a beast.

2. Esmil Rogers is inexperienced.

3. The Rockies have their work cut out for them to win this game.

That's my insight to this one. I hope they bring their A can get this series even.

My Lineup Card

2B Young Jr.
CF Fowler
RF Gonzalez
SS Tulowitzki
1B Helton
C Olivo
3B Stewart
LF Smith
P Rogers


Giants 8, Rockies 6

Esmil Rogers is not included on MLB The Show so it was Jorge De La Rosa who took the ball here as he would have been scheduled to.

He sucked.

De La Rosa: 3 IP, 7 ER, 7 H, BB, 4 K

I'm thinking Rogers can and will do better than that.

The Rockies trailed 7-1 for most of the game after DLR left. San Fran added one in the 8th. Troy Tulowitzki then homered in the 8th to make it 8-2.

In the 9th, Colorado got four runs, capped by a Todd Helton 2-run double. This gave Tulowitzki and Gonzalez a chance to bat as the tying run, but both popped up on the infield to end the game.