Saturday, May 1, 2010

Running Thoughts: Rogers vs. Cain

Lineup News

Young moves back to second base and leads off.  Barmes back to the bench.

2-5: Fowler, Gonzalez, Tulowitzki and Helton.  Tracy sticks with that arrangement.

Ian Stewart back in the 6 hole.  Olivo falls to 7th.  Ryan Spilborghs -- sits last night against the lefty but starts against the righty today -- bats 8th.

Pat on the back for Esmil Rogers.  Go get'em, kid.

1st Inning

  • Oh... that game started?  Did anyone tell the top of the Rockies order that news?  Icky start.  
  • Great start for Esmil.  A weak groudner, a weak basehit and closes it down with a 1-6-3 DP.  
  • Wow... a rare 0-0 first inning.  
2nd Inning
  • Tulowitzki and Helton draw walks to start the second.  Please make him pay.  Cain may not walk another guy all day.  
  • Two strikeouts and a flyout later, nothing.  I hope that's not the best chance of the game.  
  • Rogers walks the leadoff and then gives a basehit.  What are the odds the Giants waste their opportunity? Probably not too good.  
  • Nope.  3-run HR Juan Uribe.  
  • Another walk.  Seriously, I don't care if these guys get pounded, just stop walking people already.  
  • I'm really glad we're not able to see this game.  Sounds like the lazy defense has returned, which is no shocked when the pitchers keep walking people.  
  • ANOTHER WALK.  Bases loaded.  
  • Bowker was a sac fly.  I suppose we should just be thankful he swung at something.  
  • Giants 4, Rockies 0
3rd Inning
  • Fowler draws a 9 pitch walk.  Need some barrels on baseballs soon.  Real soon.  
  • It's hard to tell if Cain has no-hit stuff when you can't see what's going on, but the Rockies sure haven't made any decent contact so far.  
  • Well, Bengie knew Rogers didn't want to walk him again, so he was ready to lean into one for a HR.  
  • Rogers attackes Derosa and strikes him out on three strikes.  I don't expect that result on every hitter, but I would appreciate that approach on every hitter.  
  • Giants 5, Rockies 0
4th Inning
  • Rockies waste the leadoff Tulowitzki double.  Sometimes this team is just so predictable.  When they play in San Francisco, you know they can't afford to waste their scoring opportunities, yet you know they're always going to.  Just as you know the Giants will take advantage of every break they get.
  • It's just the opposite at Coors Field.  For both teams.
  • Also, don't look now, but Olivo is kinda scuffling.  
  • Ball 16: John Bowker walks.  
5th Inning
  • Rockies do nothing in the 5th.  
  • Matt Belisle relieves Esmil Rogers.  Not much to say about the job Esmil did.  Walks killed him.  Walks killed just about everyone.  
  • Good inning for Belisle.  No W words.  
6th Inning
  • Rockies count to 3 again in the 6th.  I'm bored.  So bored I might even watch the Kentucky Derby.  
  • Jack and Jerry whining because Matt Cain dropped a bunt on the Rockies.  I hate unwritten baseball rules.  Just play the game and get him out.  
7th Inning
  • Now Ian Stewart ejected from the game for arguing strikes.  
  • 12 Rockies retired in a row.  The team has no life whatsoever today.  
  • Once again, bullpen not a problem.  What happens to this team if the bullpen ever becomes a problem?
  • Don't answer that.   
8th Inning
  • 15 in a row.  
  • Splash down for Aubrey Huff.  
  • This blows.
  • Giants 6, Rockies 0
  • That was Rafael Betancourt allowing the HR.  He's actually the one reliever who has struggled.  I know, I know, everyone has it out for Franklin Morales, but it was the two runs that scored on Raffy that truly cost the Rockies Wednesday's game.  
9th Inning
  • Rockies restore a little pride with Helton driving home Tulowitzki.  Always nices to get the 0 out of the run column.  
  • Final: Giants 6, Rockies 1
  • Doesn't get any easier tomorrow with Jonathan Sanchez on the hill for them and Chacin going for us.