Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baylor's Mind In Other Places?

Interesting article penned by Nick Cafardo at

The article centers around Don Baylor's desire to manage again in the big leagues and his frustration with being disregarded by a number of teams with managerial openings and/or likely future managerial openings.

Baylor says...

“It’s not lack of experience,’’ said Baylor. “I have experience. I have the same desire to be on the field and to help an organization put together a winning strategy and work with a GM that has the same goal and philosophy.’’

“When you’ve managed for nine years or so and when you’ve been the Manager of the Year in the National League, there are no other issues whatsoever. None.’’

I suppose it's only natural a guy at Baylor's age who has managed in the past and desires to do so again would be frustrated by the lack on interest. That said, he has a job to do with the Colorado Rockies, and as far as I'm concerned and most Rockies fans are concerned, he's not doing his job worth a damn.

To have the gull to make public comments on wanting to manage again, while he's clearly underperforming in the role he has with the Rockies, kinda makes me sick to my stomach. Do the fricking job you have, then worry about moving on. Don't sit there and bitch about not getting promoted when you're lucky to even have the job you do have.

I'm holding my frustrations back pretty good right now, but to read this.

"I have the same desire to be on the field and to help an organization put together a winning strategy.."

Then put together a winning strategy for Rockies hitters! My God this team looks so freaking clueless at the plate sometimes and you desire to help a team put together a winning strategy? Isn't that your job now?

The Rockies really need to do everybody involved here a favor and can this guy right now. I don't want a guy coaching my team in any shape or form when his mind is 1,000 miles away. Then he can go on that wild goose chase for that job offer that isn't coming again in his lifetime.

Hat tip to MLB Trade Rumors for the heads up.