Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garrett Atkins DFAed by Baltimore

Not surprising news out of Baltimore this morning.

The Orioles have designated former Rockie Garrett Atkins for assignment after he hit a dismal .219 with 1 home run.

I don't know how or why it went so bad for Garrett so quickly, but it's sad to see it happen.  Obviously he wasn't going to be in the Rockies plans beyond last season even if he hadn't nose-dived, but he's still a guy that was easy to root for and easy to like.

It's likely Atkins will clear waivers due to his $4.5 million salary.  Whether or not he reports to Baltimore's Triple A squad sometime this week is another story.  I can't see any teams itching to sign him at this point, so I hope he accepts the assignment to AAA and gets his game figured out.

And just to answer that inevitable question... the Rockies will have 0 interest in giving him another shot.  That ship sailed and it's not one I would expect them to revisit under any circumstances.

Now watch them trade a minor leaguer for him tomorrow.