Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rock Solid Recrap: The story is getting old

Make that 12 straight Sunday losses for the Colorado Rockies and 5 straight failures to complete a sweep.

Bad timing? Lack of killer instinct? Lack of talent? All three?

Probably all three.

Nationals 2, Rockies 0 (boxscore)

Five hits for the Colorado Rockies on Sunday. Five singles to be exact. Which means five total bases, and only one runner advanced as far as second base all day. Don't get me wrong, Jordan Zimmerman is one of the great up-and-coming starting pitchers in the National League, but this was a pathetic showing by an underachieving offense.

But it's the same old story, especially on the road. No sense dwelling on it any further or wasting your time with repetitive words.

Three positives

1. Jhoulys Chacin: Whew. He looked healthy, strong and really effective. My biggest concern was the health, because duh, that's where it all starts. And he sure didn't look right the last two starts with that forearm issue. Hopefully that's behind him and he's ready to come out of the gates in the second half dominating and settling for no-decisions instead of stupid undeserved losses.

2. Ian Stewart over .100: Celebrate good times! With his two hits Sunday, Ian Stewart's batting average climbed over .100 for possibly the first time all season. (I can't remember if he had a hit in first 10 at-bats). Great accomplishment for him. Now he can take aim at .150, and eventually, hopefully, .200.

You know it's easy to have fun at Ian's expense, but I really am pulling for him to get it together. There's no sadder thing in life than wasted talent. For the past 12 months or so, that's exactly what Ian has done. It's frustrating to watch from afar, but all we can do is hope something or someone helps him regain a good perspective.

And hopefully it all happens in a Rockies uniform, because if/when it comes together, it could be pretty special.

3. All-Star break: I'm ready for three days away from this team. How about you??


We'll see you on Thursday! But do check back early in the week for my first half Rockies players rankings.