Friday, September 23, 2011

Lackluster Recrap: Lather. Rinse. Continue sucking.

This team would be killing my desire to write about baseball if I didn't know I'd be writing about playoff games starting in about eight days. Seriously, coming up with something to say is impossible when you go 0-7 in your final home stand, get shutout in your home finale, and then lose to the Houston freaking Astros.

Are they seriously not going to win another game? Is that what we're faced with here? They're going to somehow top last year's 1-13 finish? I don't know what the answer will be, but if the Rockies can't win Drew Pomeranz's start on Friday night, I'm going to assume that's how it'll go.

Astros 9, Rockies 6 (boxscore)

There's nothing really to evaluate at this point with Alex White. Either he's not totally healthy, or he's nowhere close to being major league ready. My guess is still the finger isn't right, but whatever the case, his performance next spring training is what really matters. He'll have to do well there to calm everybody down and win his spot on the team. Whatever happened in these start won't factor in at all.

-- Wilin Rosario continues to slug the ball very well, but clearly has to work on his discipline at the plate. That's fine. It'll be a constant adjustment for him, as it is for all young players. But not all young players have his pop, which makes me smile. He is the future. Embrace it.

-- Congratulations to Eric Young has his weekly monster game. If only there was a way to know when that game was coming so we could maximize Young's usefulness. Same thing with Kevin Kouzmanoff. He seems to have that one game a week. Amazingly, they both had it on the same night. Not surprisingly, the Rockies still lost.

-- Dexter Fowler has eight errors? I honestly don't know if the total seems too high or too low. I mean, he's had his moments out there (bad ones), but he missed about a month in the minors. Hmm. I'm just going to come to the conclusion that eight is a bad number and needs to be cut in half next season.

-- Edgmer Escalona for the Rockies 2012 bullpen! Start the campaign!

Final Thought

Have the Rockies officially announced whether or not Friday is Drew Pomeranz's final start this season? I honestly missed the news if it came out, and am too lazy to look it up. If so, then this is really the last game I'd encourage any of you to watch.

By all means, watch all of them. That's great. But this one I'll endorse and encourage. The rest I will not influence one way or the other.