Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lackluster Recrap: Sucking at baseball is contagious

My God. The Rockies pathetic play has infected Drew Pomeranz. We need to get him as far away from this current team as we can, as we quickly as we can, or we may risk ruining his pitching future.

I may or may not be joking.

Astros 11, Rockies 2 (boxscore) 

Whatever the cause, this was definitely a rough night at the office for young Drew Pomeranz, which wouldn't be overly concerning under normal circumstances -- you can't expect a pitcher to come out and be brilliant his first three starts -- but since it came against the lowly Houston Astros, some discouragement is acceptable.

Just keep it small.

Real small.

Here's a quick recap: Houston ambushed Drew in the first, beginning their attack with six straight hits -- three singles, three doubles -- and five runs. Pomernanz then settled in to record three straight outs -- a Clint Barmes fly out, followed by two strikeouts.

Jim Tracy gave him an opportunity to build on the strong finish in the second, which I appreciated, but Pomeranz again struggled to get through the frame and was pulled for Esmil Rogers in the third.

Just not a good night on the mound. At the plate, however, Pomeranz collected his first career hit. So that was good. Also, it sounds like Pomeranz will get a chance to exit 2011 with a good taste in his mouth with a start at San Francisco on Wednesday. We'll keep a real close eye on that one.

By the way, Esmil Rogers didn't do a whole lot better, allowing three runs in a 2 1/3. Josh Roenicke and Matt Lindstrom allowed the 10th and 11th runs respectively.

Final Thought

11-2. Hey, remember when the Rockies record was 11-2? Remember when they led the Arizona Diamondbacks by 6 1/2 games at the end of April? Yeah?

Those Diamondbacks clinched the division on Friday. The Rockies are 21 games in their rear view mirror.

What a freaking disaster.